Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to Utah

Well where do I start!? Two weeks ago we left Jase in Idaho and kendyl and I moved back home so we could help his mom cook on the ranch. It was so fun to cool for Pauls groups. The first week we had attorneys and Management trainees! I got to see Eric Jacobsen, David Wright and so many other people. It was like a reunion. I was kind of worried to bring Kendyl to cook because during meetings we have to be so quiet, and every little noise it just echos through the lodge. Can you believe how good she was!? she just sat in her chair and watched us and was the PERFECT baby!

Then Bishop Mcmullin and Bishop Burton came up with their families, so Shawney took her on a mini pony ride!

then after 2 weeks of hard hard work we headed to Bear Lake with my family! It was so fun and we loved it! The water was so high and a little too cold for Kendyl so good thing we had a pool at our place!

We did lots of boating and Kendyl enjoyed it a lot. She is going to be a water baby and love it like I do!

But then the boat rocked her to sleep every time! It almost got to to point we went on boat rides just to make her take a nap.

So Jase and I took some pictures...

And then kendyl and I took so pictures on the beach!

We had a blast and Kendyl LOVED the sand! She gave herself a pedicure in it! We cannot wait to go again!

So anyway, we have all finally moved back to Ogden/Layton/wherever we can find a bed to stay in! We are officially living out of 3 suitcases and a laundry basket. My clothes never match, and I literally just grab whatever is on top. Despite this awkward living situation, I am thrilled to have my friendships back and be able to go see whoever whenever! So call me up and we can go on lunch dates, go swimming and the whole shabang!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Wow what a busy day! We celebrated up here in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. I personally think they have the best fireworks and the worst ideas on how to control traffic! Who shuts down the freeway entrance right after a firework show!?
Anyway, we started out by going to the Parade in Rexburg. It was really fun just LONG...and no chocolate milk this time! BOO! Kendyl didn't freak out at the firetrucks which I was surprised. She actually liked it and we made out with a haul on candy!

Ms Brylie and Kendyl always like to hug! They are seriously best friends!

Kendyl and I at the parade. Don't mind me, I had just ran there for my morning run. oh and that shirt and headband, totally made it, for her to later blow out her pants and get it clear up to her armpits. Its ruined now :(

Then after the parade we packed up and headed to the Ririe Lake just East of Idaho Falls. There we met up with The Bares and went boating! It was so fun but super hot waiting on the dock. And I was scared pantless since the day before they saw a HUGE water snake! I did however get in and wakeboard! I was in heaven! The water was freazing and would take your breath away when you fell.

Here we are boating! Kendyls lifejacket is HUGE! its so funny!

Jase, Kendyl and my feet! Oh and there is Darrin driving the boat!

Brylie and Kendyl, see told you they are best friends!

There we go!

Then we headed to Idaho falls and waited for the fireworks to start! They weren't as good as last year but they were still good! I was so excited for Kendyl cause I knew she would either be screaming for dear life, or have the time of her life. She just sat and stared in awe. We have no pictures in this event but i did video the fireworks so my mom and dad and trevor can see them! We missed them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you should read this

If your wanting some good blogs to read and follow, you should really check out these blogs.
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This is about a young boy that goes to North Layton jr. High. He has just the sweetest spirit and he is SO selfless! Instead of saying why me, he is looking at all the reasons of why not. When he could be out having a "normal" teenage summer with all his friends but can't because he is sick and because of germs and everything he is just awesome!
Also read this blog about Floppy hat Faye:
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This is just the sweetest little girl ever! I am still reading up on this one. Her and her family just moved to Texas, and a week after her mom had her baby brother she was diagnosed and sent to the childrens hospital which is 2 hours from their home. All of their family and friends are in Utah so they only have eachother to fight through this. She is just so dang cute in all of her "Floppy Hats!"
So read them and hug your family a little tighter because you never know when something like this can strike close to your home.