Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, the time has come that we get onto our flight and fly to our new home in Florida.  Our stuff and our car have been there for 2 weeks!  We are going to miss so many people in Utah.  We have THE BEST family and friends that have supported us during our moves.  This is Kendyls 10th move in her short 19 months of being alive.  We are so excited to become true Floridians and live close to the beach, and have Jase be done with school....for now.  Here are just 3 pics i was able to get thanks to facebook.  I will upload all of the pictures I took at the Goodbye/graduation party when we get settled.  thank you everyone for the love and support of our adventures and for helping us hold it together and say bye to all of you!  Love you!

 Shae couldnt come so we went to a surf n swim day.  We sure do love August.  she is a cutie!  Thanks for taking us swimming!
 Here is one of Brayden and bug.  She loves him so much!
Here is Bugs goodbye outfit.  When saying bye she waves and says ciao!  its pretty cute if i say so myself!