Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Terrific T Family

Lets be honest here, this family is Amazing!  They had me laughing all night long!  They were so cute!  I love love love bright fun colors, and this momma is right on the same terms as me!  They are the sweetest!  Like literally, they showed up at my house with the most amazing SWEET potatoes on Thanksgiving day!  Let alone, The dad is our home teacher, and Jase thinks he has the coolest job ever.  Kendyl is secretly in love with one of those boys that is her age.  I am so happy we met this family, because it will sure help make our time here in Texas so much better!

Friday, December 12, 2014

This Beautiful R Family

I met this sweet family for a shoot the other night and fell in love with them!  Besides that, check out their super sweet dog!  He just hammed it up for the camera!  I left with my cheeks hurting because we laughed all night long.  I LOVE having shoots like this where everyone is comfortable and we just partay the whole sesh!  Thanks you cute R family! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lately in Texas

Before we close out this busy busy year in Texas, I thought I would do a quick update on these two cute kiddos. 
Easton is my crazy, magnent handed, fireball in a tiny body little boy.  He isn't only walking, he is running and climbing and destroying everything.  Every nce in a while, he will find our book shelf and sit down and look at a book.  Other times he crawls up in my lap.  He gives the best hugs and kisses and knows exactly what "spit it out" means.  He hates cheese, which is great since we switched him back to being Dairy free!  He can eat an entire avacado or two in one sitting.  He LOVES chips and salsa! 
He failed his hearing test at his year appointment.  I don't know anything else other than that.  You see, this place is crawling with Indians (dot, not feather) and his doctor is one.  I have quickly learned I am awful and understanding thick accents.  He is the only one in the family that did not get the flu.
He loves to be outside, and goes straight to the road.  He thinks it is funny to watch me run after him screaming no. 
For a little qhile he constantly had a goose egg on his forehead.  We finally put the coffeee table out in the garage.  He still wont sleep through the night.  He loves mickey mouse, and will ONLY watch tv for about 10 minutes, MAX. 
we sure love this little fireball, and I cannot imagine life without him. 
                                                               notice the forehead, ugh!!

 Which now leads me to Kendyl.  Her and Easton are the best of friends, and the are constantly making each other laugh! 
 Kendyl is still little Kendyl.  She now has an attitude and I honestly dont know where she is getting it.  She sometimes talks like a teenager, it is almost scary.  She stilll loves her princesses, but we are now allowed to call her by her given name.  She is pretty dang smart too.  We were at the mall the other day and a store was handing out reindeer antlers and the lady asked what her name was to write it on her hat.  She then said Kendyl...K-E-N-D-Y-L.  Granted, she has been able to write her name for a while, but it was still fun to watch her use her smarts.
She has the memory of an elephant.  She will say, mom do you remember 2 years ago when we bought animal cracker and went to the park?  uhhh. no i dont but, YES I do remember. 
She is having so much fun at school.  And now that I am her new teacher, she has become a great little helper.  She constantly dresses herself, but makes sure she doesnt go without a skirt or a dress.  if it is too cold out, she puts on her pants then a big giant tutu.  She has the final say on how her hair will be that day. 
Her leg is still bothering her, and quite honestly I am at a loss of what to do for it.  I 100% do not trust the doctors here.  She has had knee pain quite a bit in the same spot,.  More so after she plays hard.  For the first 6 or 7 months I told myself it was just growing pains.  Then I started to notice a pattern and that it was ALWAYS in the same place.  Before we left Florida, they xrayed it and said there was apparent inflamation of the soft tissue, but they didn't know why since she has not had an injury. they wanted me to bring her back if it was swollen or red on the next episode.  Well, its happened a lot, but it is always late at night when nobody is open, and well, we dont live in Florida anymore.  I am having her get her 4 year old check up in Utah over the Holidays, so I guess we will go from there.  We sure miss our pediatrician in Florida. 

Anyway.  Jase is super busy at school.  I think he can sure use a break.  He literally did not come home last night until 11:00 at night.  Thankfully he came home for lunch and ate 3 PB and J sandwhiches.  He is now an advisor in young mens, so that is an extra load on him.  He is counting down until Easton can go into nursery. 
I am still working at the Pre k3 school with infants and toddlers.  I am having a lot of fun with them, even though I have to do long deep breaths.  No im just kidding, the kids are so fun and so sweet.  I am starting to pick up a bit for photography, which is so fun and so great. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

sneak peak

Just a quick sneak peak of these two sweet girls!  Im not done editing the session yet, but, I can't help it!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oh My Goodness

If I could sum up this lady in one word it would be super woman!  She is gorgeous, she does hair, she is super super nice, and she ran a freaking 2:08 half!  Then I met the rest of her family and was blown away!  I left this shoot with my cheeks hurting because I was smiling so big the WHOLE time!  Thank you to this wonderful family, and just because you are moving, we can still be friends!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now Booking


The Dino Princess

I got to meet this sweet girl the other day for her big birthday photoshoot.  She was so funny and so beautiful.  She is going to have a Dinosaur themed birthday party!  I don't know about you, but I LOVE these little ones imaginations!  Big thanks to her parents for being my assistants!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Birthday my little Buggy

I cannot believe this little girl is 4 years old!  It seems like yesterday I had no idea what I was doing.  She has been the most fun I've ever had.  She talks your ear off and wants to know EVERYTHING.  She is a Disney princess whiz.  She is sassy as a teenage girl.  She loves to color, draw, do crafts and create.  She is a little fireball of excitement.  She is the confetti in my life.  She is so caring and loves to help with everything.  I love this sweet little girl.  I want to just squeeze her and hold her tight so she doesn't grow up anymore!  Love you my sweet little buggy!  Thanks for being the Best little sweetheart EVER!!