Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well, I have made the decision after trying to run today, I have to drop out of the half marathon on Saturday. I am SO sad and bummed. I have worked so hard and put my whole summer into training for it. I have had some HUGE bumps along the way and now I have hit a wall that there is no matter what I do, I can't get healthy by Saturday. I know this is just another sob story and wa wa wa... but really it kills me to "give up". I am not a quitter. I can no longer meet my goal for 2011. I can no longer do what I fell in love with this summer. . . So long running shoes, we will test you out in a few weeks!

9 months old!

I will have to post a picture later this afternoon. I just thought I would write all these down so that I don't forget because I am so not mother of the year in having exact dates and everything.
On Wednesday (yesterday) Kendyl turned 9 months old! She has grown up so stinkin fast it is not even funny. Here are a few things that she can do!
- She can roll around the room, back and forth.
-She can say mom mom mom, dad dad dad, doggie and duck.
-She just barely learned to waved bye or hi... she loves that she can move her arms and get reactions.
-She gives the best hugs and tries to give kisses, BIG open mouth kisses.
-She (i can now say) finally loves to go swimming.
- She loves to finger paint with her food like peas, green bean, sweet potatoes and carrots.
-She GAGS at peas. She absolutely hates them.
-She has one tooth with another one starting to poke through on the bottom.
-She loves doggies and any animals on tv.
-She is the funniest little thing ever!
-She still loves her feet, her puffs and pieces of bread.
-She loves to gurgle her spit, milk, juice or water.
Im so sure I could make this post forever long with everything she knows and what we love about her. All i can say is its about that time I need eyes in the back of my head and tennis shoes on!
Happy 9 months monkey toad!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I seriously Love my friends! They are the greatest things ever! :) We have so much fun together and I can't believe how fast we are all growing up! There are 3 of us with kids. We still act like kids. We laugh, we play, we eat, we talk, and most of all, We are ALWAYS there for eachother! I love you girls! Thanks for the best weekend ever!

well, that sucked!

This past Saturday, Jase and I decieded to run in the South Weber Days 10 k race. I was so excited for us both! We invited my brother Trevor, his friend Taelor, Jases mom Janae and my good friend Sam! We were all So excited and PUMPED! About a quarter mile into the race my knee felt like there was a giant dagger hot knife just cutting my leg off. It shot pain up and down my leg. I seriously was just about in tears. I ran as far as I could and quiclkly became in Last place. I was determined to finish this race. Jase kept telling me I needed to quit, so the next time i stopped for my knee I was done. I kept stopping to "catch my breath" tho. I was so upset and so sad. I did finish, second to last place. I was just SO angry and so upset. Since it was the weekend I had to wait until Monday to get into the doc. He took xrays and all sorts of stress tests. We determined there is something (some medical word) for something pinched. Here were my options:
1. Surgery 2. cortizone shot with still possible chance of surgery.

I opted for the shot so that I can still maybe possibly run my half marathon this Saturday. As for now, there is no way I am going to try and run and test it out tomorrow like I should. It is still in so much pain. It just throbs like crazy.

If I can run on Saturday i am still going to take it easy and walk a lot more than on a normal race, but what I would give right now to be able to complete this half. PLEASE work shot, PLEASE!!! oh and please don't ever let me get 2nd to last palce in a race EVER again, HOW EMBARASSING!