Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lots of pics up today!  Here is a brief overview of October!  At the beginning of the month Kendyl and I found tickets to fly to Utah for $271 round trip!!  That was a steal, plus my dear grandma has been getting sick so we jumped on the plane to go see her!  It was wonderful!  Kendyl was awesome on the planes and we even got to go to Texas for a few hours! We spent many days at the swimming hole with some amazing friends here on the ranch.  I seriously couldn't have asked for better people to be here.  The Relief Society Pres thing is coming around.  I really enjoy it and I am learning a TON! I feel so blessed to have that calling, and my counselors are beyond amazing!  I totally won with them! :) 
Kendyl keeps growing and growing.  She loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star, soft kitty warm kitty, her ABC's, can count to 13, put together puzzles, talks all day long and says anything and everything we say!  The other day i was exhausted and i put on Minnnie mouse and dozed off.  The next thing i know she was all up in my face and yelled WAKE UP then started laughing.  she will be 2 in 10 days! 
here are a few pics of whats kinda been going on
 I decided I hadn't taken pics of just Kendyl lately.....
 She loves to run around barefoot.  I guess it comes with living on a ranch, or maybe she hates shoes like i did growing up?
 awww :)
 She loves to go out and pick up rocks.  Now we have to wait til she is ready to paint the rocks!
 And here she is running from the camera in her cute new outfit. 

 Here are her CUTE CUTE new Toms.  Seriously this girl can put these shoes on all by herself which is a big help.  It also helps that they are adorable and go with everything.  Sometimes i dress them up with a little flower!
 This is bug in her GLOW IN THE DARK (new favorite thing) jammies and pigging out on Halloween candy!  She is so in love with suckers this year!
 This was during my trip to Utah, this is Hobbs pond across from my moms house.  Seriously this picture doesn't even describe how pretty it is!
 This is my BFF Jessica!  I was beyond happy to get to see her!  We are pretty legit friends! 
Then this is us at the ward trunk or treat!  Kendyl was a witch.  There was too much fun going on for her to want to stop and take a picture!  I was a grape and won most original costume!!  WOOO HOOO!

Anyway, I just scratched the surface of what has been going on!  We LOVE Florida!! It is beyond a blessing that we are here!