Monday, March 25, 2013

Change my groove

Ok I have no idea how to change the size of these pictures.  So just enjoy!

Our lives have been super busy but I have yet to leave my house.  Last week jase was at work by 6 am then he wouldn't get home until 9:30 or 10 each night. My nausea was back full force and Kendyl has about had it watching tv.  I'm so glad she has a good imagination because she became a pirate, fairy, baby, chef, a kangaroo, you name it she imagined she was that.  As cute as they all were, her pirate spiff was my favorite.  She was captain Kendyl and went around saying ahoy and aye aye mateys!
She is trying to give up naps and I can't decide if I am a fan or not. Come bed time she goes right to sleep and climbs in bed like she owns the place.  Come 5 or 6 she is so sleep deprived she gets a good time out.   Either way, she is a good kid and my little partner in crime. She takes good care of me and makes sure I'm happy and not sick.
We are so ready for jase to have a day off. It seems that on his days off it is either really windy or rainy. I'm ready to get out of our house and enjoy Florida. I'm far too pale to be living in this tropical weather.  We're ready for the swimming hole to open!  I miss sea world. I'm dying to feel well enough to go.
While sitting around feeling ill I've become VERY Utah sick. Don't get me wrong, I love it here!  I love those amazing people taking care of me.  I guess I just need my moms help and johns unlimited supply of Popsicles! My friends are having babies that who knows when I will get to meet them and my BFF is getting married.
Ok I'm over my pity party, I'm going to go put on my shorts, flip flops, and head to town. Maybe read a book outside and catch some rays :)

Friday, March 8, 2013



Well, the cats out of the bag! Little Kendyl bug is going to be a BIG SISTER!  I would love to say she is beyond excited but in all honesty, I don't think she really knows.  Plus when this baby does come, I think it might rock her world, even though her world is being rocked right now! 

So, Im 13 weeks along now and due September 12, 2013.  Like I was with Kendyl, Im BEYOND sick.  I would dare say Im sicker this time then I was with her, and she was bad.  I have gone in 7 times now to get IV fluids for rehydration.  SEVEN!!  I am beyond thankful for those here on the ranch that have bent over backward to help me out.  From pretty much raising Kendyl, to sitting with me during infusions, to making me food and picking up my few groceries since I havent been in weeks.  Poor Jase and Kendyl are starting to get creative on what to eat.  Jase always says im lucky the fish are free to catch.  I always say Im lucky we have a camp chef and he can cook them outside!

Kendyl has been a trooper with a sick sick mom.  She is always quick to ask if im feeling ok. She says, you happy now?  Then when I am barfing up everything including my intestines, gizzards etc, she is quick to come check on me, hug me, wipe my tears and say "Be Brave Mom."  This in turn makes me cry a whole lot harder with how sweet she truly is.  She has watched every movie we own multiple times and even lets me pick a few shows.  As long as it is Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty or Ellen.  We love to laugh together, because in that little moment, all is well. 

At 13 weeks I have lost 9 pounds.  My pants fit great, but I think Im tired of losing weight!  The only thing I think I have craved is water with lemon in it and blue raspberry dum dum suckers.  I have adversions to EVERYTHING, even doing the dishes, so dont come visit me anytime soon.  I secretly despise those who "LOVE to be pregnant" and "feel like they are glowing" and "concerned they havent had morning sickness yet."  For real....for freaking real?

Until next time....Ill be in the bathroom!