Monday, January 31, 2011

First Up spotlight:MOM


How cool is my MOM!? She took me to Hawaii, TWICE! (hey lets make that a THIRD time soon eh!?) Both the pictures above are pics from each trip!
Her favorite color is GREEN, She LOVES Keith Urban, She drives and awesome ACURA, She will go to the end of the earth and back for me! She loves to go on Vacation, especially the BEAUTIFUL beach! She loves to laugh and tells the best jokes. She has never let me down. She knows the coolest card trick that WOWS me every time i see it, (even after 21 years!). She is the BEST shopper and gets the BEST deals. She puts her family before herself. She is always there to support us in whatever we do.....except the bad things...she will fight and fight until you do what is right! (that should be a song!)
Anyway I love my mom and Im not afraid to say it. She is the best and I am so happy to have her in my life!

Thankful for YOU in our lives!


Thank you moms, dads, bothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, Melba, TYCO, ranch friends....EVERYONE!
Honestly, we wouldn't be where we are or be who we are without the help of every single one of you! In one way or the other each of you have touched our lives and helped us out in numerous ways. From us meeting, to us being happy, to getting married and having Kendyl, to the MANY laughs and good times. You have helped us in moving across the country and back....(and then across the country to come again!)
We appreciate everything SO much. Its the honest truth when I say that we love you. We really do. Thanks so much!

* Now starting today I am gonna start doing spot lights on people, starting with family and friends... So join on in and read what i think is awesome about these people!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baking Season is upon Me

Some Would say I like to Bake.... Some would say I hate it too!
But whatever you hear, I'm starting to become famous for my Tie Dye cakes.
Do I hate baking them...not really. Do i hate cleaning up the Mess....YES.
But I do however love the outcome of my finished project.
So bring on Feb. Birthdays cause I am ready to Roll!

So I saw this cake on the Internet and thought WOW!... I wanna learn! It was SO easy its not even funny. (I have pictures of my cakes somewhere but I honestly can't find them so i borrowed this off of google images) Anyway Its simply cake mix, food coloring and some mixing. Easy as that! I will get into more detail if u want it.

And secondly, I'm loving these puppies lately! I call them the Cake mix cookies. I got the Idea from Jase's mom and decided I wanted to try ALL cake mixes. So far I have just made them with spice cake only cause my bootylicious is getting to bootyish! (if u know what I mean)
All you do is:
  • Get a box of your favorite cake mix. (p.s Idaho shame on you for NOT having red velvet cake mix.... seriously who doesn't sell this!?)
  • Mix 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup of oil

Mix this all up and roll into little balls.... Bake at 375 for 6-8 minutes or until edges are light golden brown.

Seriously These are the easiest and best cookies. I'm So excited for Valentines Day. Iget to eat yummy cookies and the next day is Jase's Birthday and that means CAKE! Yes I am a fat girl trapped inside a semi smaller body.

Monday, January 24, 2011

sweet thumb suckin...

Alright So first off I have to show off Kendyls new dress! She looks so cute in it! Sorry the picture is kinda blurry, she was kickin her legs all over and wouldn't hold still. But she Loves it. Her poor legs cant find any tights or panty hose. I have been to store after store to online stores and still can't find any. If u know where i could find some let me know! So we wrapped her legs up in a blanket and off to church we went! :)

Now I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands. She is SO sly when she does it! I am trying to teach her not to suck on her thumb just because I dont want to try and break the habbit later in life (which i Hear is SO hard!). Although this is a bad habbit, I really enjoy it in the middle of the night when she will suck away and not cry after dropping her binky for the 10 thousandth time!

Anyway, My parents came up this weekend and brought this little puppy! Introducing our new bumbo! Kendyl thinks she is SO cool sitting up like a big girl. She looks around the room like "look at me, Im SO cool!"

So anyway, My parents took Kendyl for a few hours over at the hotel and Jase and I got to go swimming and sit in the hot tub! SO fun! Last time I sat in the hot tub was on our cruise before we came home from Florida. I felt like a little kid in the pool for the first time! Thanks mom and John! (ps, thanks john for hitting the Jackpot gambling on the way up here to buy Kendyls seat!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our 3 day weekend

Alright, We had so much fun this weekend! Friday night we had a "picnic" in our living room and watched the BEST movie ever! If you have never seen it you better find a way to watch it cause we laughed our heads off! So go look for SON IN LAW! Saturday we went to look for elk but it was too foggy so that was a fail. So instead we went to lunch and then went bowling with our friends Cami, Kody and baby Brylie. We had fun! I did come to the realization that I am a horrible bowler. Bring on Wii bowling and I can beat anyone, regular bowling I'm lucky to hit 80!

Here we are Bowling away and Kendyl sleeping like she does best!

She has been such a happy baby lately! I ask her if she want to go shopping and she smiles so big! Then Jase asks her if she wants to hunt and she has no reaction! Ha ha That's my Girl!

And this my friends is our newest addition....

Thank you Renee Jacobsen from Florida who sent this to us! We LOVE it! Best surprise ever getting this in the mail, and its so wild just like us!
Anyway, Jase's school is going great. That's what I say at least... He says "IT SUCKS! well it doesn't really suck...." then he just plays with Kendyl.
Latest Update on Kendyl...she smiles ALL the time. The LOVES the fan, especially when we spin it for her. She loves to watch Baby Einstein. She pooped ALL over my bed. She usually wakes up once a night, but sometimes more.
Then the other day we were driving home from Idaho Falls and she kept spitting out her Binky and crying cause she wanted it back. Finally I said no more you spit it out you have to wait until we get home. She cried for a few minutes then instantly was quiet. I thought maybe she had cried herself to sleep. NOPE! we get home and she is sucking on her monkey. (u can see these monkeys in a car seat picture above. She was trying to eat the monkey! When I tell her she laughs so now its another reason why I love to call her monkey!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh livin the life!

So I'm going So broke saving money the last few days. I am gonna have to ground myself from online shopping. Here are some deals i got in the past week!
  • A free book (i made it into a church book for Kendyl)...just paid shipping $1.99
  • A FREE sling that i have always wanted to carry Ms Kendyl around. These are normally $39 bucks PLUS shipping. All i had to do was pay shipping $11.99
  • A FREE pair of glasses. I got Nike Brand. These sell for over $300 bucks for the frame alone!! just paid shipping $14.83
  • HUGE sale on 3 baby dresses for kendyl. Normally would cost me $38...i paid $17.99 (shipping taxes and everything!)
  • Another HUGE sale of formula. Now that the doc said i need to be giving her some after every feeding i was SO excited! 84 CENTS for a 2 quart bottle! WOO! thanks to my mom and Janae, we scored almost 25 bottles!

Now I'm not one to brag but DANG!!! I got a lot of other deals but these were my favorite ones. Now u see why I'm going broke saving money!


This is me lately....

So i have been working with my good friend Jillian

And an awesome Spin Class....
(between the two i am SO sore!)

I want to go from the first picture to this picture...

But i can't get enough of this,

So lets just say i break out even every day! ha ha jk... No but really if you have a wii, get Jillian Michael's 2010 game. I was seriously waddling like a duck for a whole week cause i was so sore! she is so mean to. She tells you to quit wasting her time and all sorts of stuff! I love this game SO much. plus what else am i supposed to do when the high temp of the day is 1 degree!?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have You Seen My Deer!?

These might be the only words you hear from fact I think they are his FAVORITE words to say right now. His deer is in the process of being mounted on a pedestal. It was "DEER OF THE YEAR" and will be at the Hunting expo in Utah on display at the beginning of February. This deer scored 213. Jase is so proud of his buck... i think he dreams every night of him. In fact this was his comment the other day: "I can't wait to get my deer back so i can have a friend!" ha ha.... He is SO excited!

Hanging out with Kendyl, and Idaho!

Hey All!
We have finally made it from Elberta, to Ogden, then to Idaho. Moving is such a hassle. Each time we move i swear i get rid of more stuff. When i started out with say 10 mixing bowls (seriously!).... i am down to 3! I just HATE packing and unpacking. We like our new place up in Idaho. Although it has snowed EVERYDAY so far were ok. We joined a gym. World gym for that matter. Between Jillian Michaels Wii and World Gym, were both pretty sore.
Kendyl has reached 2 months old! She weighs 8lbs 10oz. She LOVES to suck her thumb (which is a habbit im trying to break before she loves it). She loves to wake up and just smile all the time! We love the little munchkin so much!

She is getting used to playing "photoshoot" every single day. She is a good sport and mostly sleeps through it. Jase is just getting his feet wet in school and were thinking its gonna be a hard semester. He is SO happy he has a "smart" lab partner in Chemistry. He is excited for his meat science class too. As for me, im loving staying home and hanging out with kendyl all day. I have already watched friends season 7 in one week. I am looking for lots of good easy cheap recipes. So far, i have nothing! :)