Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our 3 day weekend

Alright, We had so much fun this weekend! Friday night we had a "picnic" in our living room and watched the BEST movie ever! If you have never seen it you better find a way to watch it cause we laughed our heads off! So go look for SON IN LAW! Saturday we went to look for elk but it was too foggy so that was a fail. So instead we went to lunch and then went bowling with our friends Cami, Kody and baby Brylie. We had fun! I did come to the realization that I am a horrible bowler. Bring on Wii bowling and I can beat anyone, regular bowling I'm lucky to hit 80!

Here we are Bowling away and Kendyl sleeping like she does best!

She has been such a happy baby lately! I ask her if she want to go shopping and she smiles so big! Then Jase asks her if she wants to hunt and she has no reaction! Ha ha That's my Girl!

And this my friends is our newest addition....

Thank you Renee Jacobsen from Florida who sent this to us! We LOVE it! Best surprise ever getting this in the mail, and its so wild just like us!
Anyway, Jase's school is going great. That's what I say at least... He says "IT SUCKS! well it doesn't really suck...." then he just plays with Kendyl.
Latest Update on Kendyl...she smiles ALL the time. The LOVES the fan, especially when we spin it for her. She loves to watch Baby Einstein. She pooped ALL over my bed. She usually wakes up once a night, but sometimes more.
Then the other day we were driving home from Idaho Falls and she kept spitting out her Binky and crying cause she wanted it back. Finally I said no more you spit it out you have to wait until we get home. She cried for a few minutes then instantly was quiet. I thought maybe she had cried herself to sleep. NOPE! we get home and she is sucking on her monkey. (u can see these monkeys in a car seat picture above. She was trying to eat the monkey! When I tell her she laughs so now its another reason why I love to call her monkey!

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