Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh livin the life!

So I'm going So broke saving money the last few days. I am gonna have to ground myself from online shopping. Here are some deals i got in the past week!
  • A free book (i made it into a church book for Kendyl)...just paid shipping $1.99
  • A FREE sling that i have always wanted to carry Ms Kendyl around. These are normally $39 bucks PLUS shipping. All i had to do was pay shipping $11.99
  • A FREE pair of glasses. I got Nike Brand. These sell for over $300 bucks for the frame alone!! just paid shipping $14.83
  • HUGE sale on 3 baby dresses for kendyl. Normally would cost me $38...i paid $17.99 (shipping taxes and everything!)
  • Another HUGE sale of formula. Now that the doc said i need to be giving her some after every feeding i was SO excited! 84 CENTS for a 2 quart bottle! WOO! thanks to my mom and Janae, we scored almost 25 bottles!

Now I'm not one to brag but DANG!!! I got a lot of other deals but these were my favorite ones. Now u see why I'm going broke saving money!


This is me lately....

So i have been working with my good friend Jillian

And an awesome Spin Class....
(between the two i am SO sore!)

I want to go from the first picture to this picture...

But i can't get enough of this,

So lets just say i break out even every day! ha ha jk... No but really if you have a wii, get Jillian Michael's 2010 game. I was seriously waddling like a duck for a whole week cause i was so sore! she is so mean to. She tells you to quit wasting her time and all sorts of stuff! I love this game SO much. plus what else am i supposed to do when the high temp of the day is 1 degree!?

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