Monday, August 25, 2014

15 and a half moves

We arrived in south texas at the beginning of august! Kendyl and I bawled the whole flight because we both knew our loves were about to change.  While Kendyl was crying to not be in Utah, nor going back to Florida, I was crying to the same plus some.  The night before Jase called me from kingsville telling me the house we put a deposit down on was not an option and that he had been living in a hotel!  Apparently he walked into the house, took a look around, repacked the uhaul and went back to the hotel he had been staying in.
The floors were missing tiles, the sinks and tub were rotted out, there were holes in the walls, roaches and roach poop everywhere.  It doesn't end there, the front window was plastic, the back window was busted out, and the garage door had a hole in it that some animal must have scratched the door away.  The owner thought he fooled us, he calked the door and back window back together!
I cried my first few days here. Here we were, homeless, cops EVERYWHERE, and all I had heard about was the crazy crime. We were the minority white folks in town, looking like zombies and smelling like a mildewy hotel room.
We finally found the perfect little house that wasn't even on the market.  Because people who knew people who knew us, they decided to rent and we ran with it.  I'll forever be grateful for these wonderful folks!
The day we moved in, the day we found out the air conditioner was not working!  Our house thermostat said it was 106 degrees INSIDE!  Yikes! We got that fixed a few days later, phew!  Then I did my first batch of dishes and the dishwasher leaked everywhere.  Dishes by hand were great, then the sink didn't drain, like a solid half hour to drain a half full sink.
We have had spiders everywhere and lizards almost the size of iguanas ( only slightly joking) and 2 mice!  Who have killed all of the above minus the lizard since he was outside.
We melt ice on the driveway in a race for fun. We have some of the best neighbors around.  I work.  Kendyl started pre pre school.  I found the spiciest salsa in America.  I'm finally getting a titch comfortable.

We still miss florida with all our hearts.  We miss Utah and how they both feel like home.  We miss disney world.
Here is to hoping our time in kingsville gets better than it has been.  Here's to hoping we stay safe on this boarder to Mexico town.  Here is to learning to make salsa and tortillas!
So if your wondering where that. Half move came in, it was the first disgusting house, that by the way, refuses to give us the deposit back! I hope he sleeps well at night!

Friday, August 8, 2014

The All Around Models

Isn't this family gorgeous!?  I remember meeting this momma in 5th grade.  She came straight out of Texas, had tall skinny legs, long gorgeous hair, was tan, had a southern accent and was a dancer.  Oh I wanted to be her.  Fast forward to today and she is still one of my very best friends!  I am so happy she asked me to take her family pictures.  They are such a stunning family!  Plus, her cute parents jumped in on a little action as well!  I could sense some true love radiating out of this whole family!