Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 random things...


Alright So were just gonna do 25 random facts about me.. then we will get jase on here after his HUGE tests this week and get him to do it! Some can be funny!
1. my favorite place in the world is on the Beach or on a boat.....I would say this is when I am the happiest.
2. One time I thought i was So cool I was snapping my fingers to a song and i snapped so long and so hard i got a blister...popped the blister and peeled the skin back. (who says u cant injure yourself snapping away!)
3. I love to play softball. its my favorite sport...
4. I could eat spaghetti every meal every day for the rest of my life. Too bad jase hates it so we only get it once a week!
5. i absolutely HATE being tickled..whats worse than that is being tickled right as your about to fall asleep... and sometimes jase loves to tickle me at this time just to see me get so angry I almost cry... but i always laugh after.
6. I love being married to jase. he is the BEST!
7. I love my baby girl Kendyl. How is it possibly a toothless almost hairless girl who can't speak a word brings so much joy everyday to my life.
8. I love the company Jase works for and I love all the amazing families I get to meet. (cough cough... Wrights...Jacobsens...Caballeros.. Just to name a few!)
9. I sometimes want to chop my hair off... but when I do I want to grow it out. I wish I could make up my mind
10. I am terrified of Snakes...TERRIFIED!
11. I wish I could say something to a certain someone... that day will come.. until then I just avoid them.
12. I love to work with the public. Most people hate it.. I enjoy it!
13. I have helped pull a calf.. I drove the 4 wheeler while jase roped it, I sat on the cow while jase pulled the calf out with the 4 wheeler.
14. I think baby animals are the cutest things ever.
15. I used to HATE to garage sale... NOW i can't get enough of it! i only like the Park City and "rich" town ones the most tho.
16. My little brother and I used to butt heads like no tomorrow... Now i would say were like best friends. I used to be better at sports than him... he has surpassed me by a long shot.
17. I can't wait for Kendyl to grow up and get attitude with me. Its gonna suck but i can't wait to laugh at the funny stuff she says.
18. If I have ever met someone they are my friends and if we have ever hung out we are considered best friends. i care for so many people its not even funny.
19. I want to..scratch that.. HAVE to go to the Ellen show one day. If i have to camp out for days I will.
20. I am VERY critical of myself. Like so bad I annoy myself... i am always so worried people dont like me or i say the wrong thing or Im too big or not enough something.
21. I love quotes
22. I love chips and salsa... maybe more than I love spaghetti....
23. I love parties. I will find any excuse for throw a party. I love just getting everyone together and being in the same place as them.
24. I love going to church and being so Happy from going and learning at church.
25. I want to be something someday. Something that helps people, makes them happy and makes me happy. I just don't know what that is yet.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wal Mart...

Lately it has been getting easier and easier to throw my hands in the air and never shop there again!.......
So from the post below you see Jase didn't want his Father of Faith book and told me to go get a movie for Kendyl. SOMEWHERE i have my receipt and Im sure I will find it soon. I took the book into customer service to return it for an exchange of something else. The lady at the service desk seemed nice until she asked for a receipt. (Im sorry maam I cannot find it but I know it was $23 something I got it 2 weeks ago). She then opens the book and glares at me! still im waiting for her to say Ok great lets do this or at least well when U find your receipt bring it back. Oh no this is what i get.....
Walmart Lady in the worst attitude I have ever got from anyone!- "This book has been used its opened and there is a bookmark in here!"

me- "uhhhh..mam we havent used the book he got it monday and that "bookmark" is a correction that the publisher or whoever put in there for a typo. "

walmart lady still all snotty- "Well since you dont have a receipt its copyright laws I can't return this. People get books and make photocopies of books then return them."

me- "Mam... he got the book monday and im sure that since I don't have a receipt it doesn't mean I made a photocopy of this book. The book looked used when I bought it...If you go to your "BOOK" section I am sure you will find many people back there reading the books so they are in fact opened and read before people even buy the book. "

wal mart lady after thinking for a minute of NO comeback- "Ok i will return it this time ONLY."

me in the most ticked off attitude- " THANK YOU!"

Wal Mart these days....and they are taking over the world. I swear!

Whats been going on Lately!
Well lets start with Valentines day! Jase had school all day So ms Kendyl and I just hung out. Finally Jase had a break in school so we gave eachother our presents! Our limit was $15. And the only rule I gave him was I didn't want flowers..or chocolate! Well we both went over our $15 but his birthday is the next day so I figured it was ok. I got him the Fathers of Faith Book and he got me a HUGE pack of sharpies and some new headphones! (since mine got smashed in the car door and his are too big and hurt my ear!) He decided he didn't want the book. He thought it was thoughtful and cool but with him overwhelmed with school he would never have time to read it. That was great becasue I kept the receipt.....SOMEWHERE? (read Wal Mart post above this to hear this wodnerful pitiful story!)
Anyway Later we went to see the baby lambs. I love this time of year up here. They are SO cute! This little fella was adorable and I didn't want to put him down. (or is it a her?)
I made VERY tasty fettucini alfredo sauce made from cauliflower and we had dirt cups for dessert! (I LOVE DIRT CUPS!)

I just thought I would throw this picture in here. It seriously makes me LAUGH so hard! She really isn't scared of her wocket but she is sure starting to notice and concentrate on things lately. The other day she was playing with his hair! Maybe she will go to beauty school?

This video is for you to watch kendyl roll! She is so fun!

Then finally Tuesday came and it was Jases Birthday! Tell me how to get on the bad wifes hall of fame right now! All he wanted for his birthday was Sitka Camo for hunting. What did I do? I totally made him order it! Horrible I know. Since this crap is so freaking expensive thats all he got. On his birthday I felt bad. I didn't even get out of bed and make him breakfast thanks to his class at 7:30. strike 2 for the day! So eventually I decided I better do at least SOMETHING! I baked him his favorite spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Kendyl and I led him on a scavenger hunt to give him what she got him: Son in Law the movie. I made him very tasty meatloaf. So i guess all in all he ended up having a fun birthday even tho I made him order his own birthday. (OH...and its still in the mail being shipped so he hasn't even gotton it yet!)
He claims since the mission birthdays are just another day. PSH...I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

Monday, February 7, 2011

jases Proud moment

Welcome to one of Jases proudest moments!.....
This weekend we went to the hunting expo at the Salt Palace. This is like HUGE to the hunting hicks out there. (by hicks I mean everyone in camo, drinkin their corona and Limes, staring at deer, moose, elk, for and entire Saturday.....AND having a blast!) By all means I had fun but I did not wear my camo, I drank water and my feet hurt! Jase was googly eyed the ENTIRE time! So many people came out and this picture below might explain why....

Jases deer got #1 scoring deer of 2010! (the deer in front!) (the deer in back is his 2nd best from a few years ago) His deer proudly stood and had SO many people come to look at them. Jase got this cool award. Jase, Kenny and Brandon made the pedestal. It took many days of hard work. They really did an amazing job on it! Jase is SO proud he has his "best friend" back to stare at.

Here is Ms Monkey in a BIG camping chair. I kicked a little kid off so i could take her picture. I feel bad but he was nice and i let him right back on as i was done!

Here is me with a hippopotamus! I thought this thing was awesome!

And last but not least the awesome monkey! They are so ugly up close! ha ha! way cooler alive at the zoo! :)

All in all our weekend in Utah was a success! The weather was great. (Just think last week up here it was -34 plus SO windy!) we didn't tell many people we were up cause we were SO busy as it was. I am glad were home now so we can catch up on some sleep! We miss everyone like crazy! Love you guys!



FEBRUARY 1, 2011: This was honestly just seconds before she very first rolled over! I have it on video to prove it, but i sound soooooooo lame I decided I will save myself some ebarassment and not post the video. Maybe next time i video it i will just keep my mouth shut! :) She rolls all the time now. Only from her stomach to her back. I think she does it for all the attention from everyone. She loves to get applauded! :)
FEBRUARY 9, 2011: Ms Kendyl Marie slept in her OWN room all by herself. :) I of course was in the other room a nervous wreck all night! I was scared she would have bad dreams or wake up and think we abandoned her. Little did I know she would sleep until 7:30! I finally had to wake her up to feed her cause i had to get to the gym! She is getting to be SUCH a big girl! next I know she will be asking for the keys to the car!
***This one is just a little extra funny moment. I was at the gym and had a hard work out. I got home and couldn't find Jase and Kendyl. I went upstairs and Jase was studying in the tub and Kendyl was laying in there PASSED OUT ASLEEP! I thought what in the world!? It was SOOO funny! Jase said he got in to study and she got in too. She played so hard kicking her feet and splashing and loved it. She played her little heart out and got so tired she fell asleep! Isn't she just the funniest cutest little thing!? ***

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Environmental Stewardship - Deseret Cattle & Citrus - 2010 Region II Awa...

Why we move SO much

So many of you are aware we move about every 6 months or so. What many of you are unaware of is why. No were not gypsys and no we don't move for the heck of it. It is actually for Jases job/School. He is employed for the LDS church in their ranches. This is a company called AgReserves. He is on an internship for the management training program. They send him to school and then during his "break" semester they send us on an internship. So we move around the country going to different ranches while Jase plays cowboy. (wouldn't it be cool if i was an indian!? jk)
Some facts about these ranches.... The Florida ranch is Called Deseret Cattle and Citrus. It is one of the largest (if not already) cow calf operations in the United States. The ranch is just shy of 300,000 acres. The citrus grove there goes to the orange juice we drink everyday. In fact I don't know if it is true or not but i hear that every time you drink orange juice then your getting some oranges from this very ranch.
So then the next question is How or Why did Jase get into this...he is SO lucky to have such an opportunity. here is the answer:
The day Jase got home from his Mission, he went straight up to the Utah ranch (kinda by Morgan) and up there we guided Elder Holland around. Elder Holland called him into his office to bring him his walking stick he left behind. (Imagine Jase going through security with a giant stick!) There he told Jase he knows the President and gave him his number and gave jase a blessing. Not a few days later this very president called Jase and asked to sit fown and have a meeting with him. Jase thought he was nuts...who would pay for school, housing, moving, and want him to be a manager of these ranches? So it honestly took Jase a long time to decide he wanted to do it. Sounds crazy right? So thats the story.
Right after we got married we moved to Florida, then to BYU-I for school, then to Elberta Utah to the dairy farm, now back to BYU-I. Next we go to Kansas, then back to BYU-I. As of plans for now we will end up back in Florida for 2 years. Then Jase with have to go to Texas A&M to get his masters and work on the King Ranch.
To get a little view of the Florida ranch check out the video on youtube. For some reason I am a titch computer illiterate. I do know how to copy and paste but for some reason I can't for this website . So anway it is posted somewhere either before or after this post. Or just search for Deseret Cattle and Citrus in youtube and it should be the first video.

Well so thats our lives and we have SO much fun doing it. The people on these ranches are unreal....they are truly amazing and we are so greatful for them. They have really made living across the country easier.