Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wal Mart...

Lately it has been getting easier and easier to throw my hands in the air and never shop there again!.......
So from the post below you see Jase didn't want his Father of Faith book and told me to go get a movie for Kendyl. SOMEWHERE i have my receipt and Im sure I will find it soon. I took the book into customer service to return it for an exchange of something else. The lady at the service desk seemed nice until she asked for a receipt. (Im sorry maam I cannot find it but I know it was $23 something I got it 2 weeks ago). She then opens the book and glares at me! still im waiting for her to say Ok great lets do this or at least well when U find your receipt bring it back. Oh no this is what i get.....
Walmart Lady in the worst attitude I have ever got from anyone!- "This book has been used its opened and there is a bookmark in here!"

me- "uhhhh..mam we havent used the book he got it monday and that "bookmark" is a correction that the publisher or whoever put in there for a typo. "

walmart lady still all snotty- "Well since you dont have a receipt its copyright laws I can't return this. People get books and make photocopies of books then return them."

me- "Mam... he got the book monday and im sure that since I don't have a receipt it doesn't mean I made a photocopy of this book. The book looked used when I bought it...If you go to your "BOOK" section I am sure you will find many people back there reading the books so they are in fact opened and read before people even buy the book. "

wal mart lady after thinking for a minute of NO comeback- "Ok i will return it this time ONLY."

me in the most ticked off attitude- " THANK YOU!"

Wal Mart these days....and they are taking over the world. I swear!

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