Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Little Man

I cannot believe a year ago we welcomed this little guy into our lives.  If only I knew he would be as crazy and fast as labor and delivery was!  He brings such happiness into each of our lives.  He is full of smiles all the times.  He is fast and into everything.  Nothing slows him down unless he is sleeping, when and if he sleeps!  He still is rarely sleeping through the night.  He still adores his sister and is usually on the hunt for her.  He refuses to talk, he just yells jibbers.  He loves to play.  He loves things that move.  He loves to throw things and has quite the arm. 
Easton, I hope you know how much we love you.  Your hugs melt our hearts, but we could do without our hair being pulled.  Sometimes we wish you would just slow down and watch a movie while we are trying to get things done, but I know one day we will miss these crazy days.  We love you baby Figaro, we are so happy you are finally ONE!!!