Sunday, February 19, 2012


I finished the Ironman!!

My original goal was to finish by the 15th. I completed it on the 18th. With going home for a weekend and missing 2 days then Valentines Day and Jases Birthday, then some soreness from the bike, I would say I did exceptionally well!

I wasn't the first one done (someone finished in 3 days) BUT I was in the top ten (well as of Thursday). Go me! ha ha jk

Sunday, February 12, 2012

busy busy busy

Well we have had a couple busy last few days and this next week is a pretty busy one as well! I am getting ready for bed just thinking of it!
On Friday we headed to Utah. We got all the way to Idaho Falls (half hour away) and I got a sick feeling that I left my straightner on. We made some frantic phone calls and decided to turn back around. There goes an hour, and to my surprise, it was off. We finally made it to Layton and headed straigh to the most wonderful girls wedding, Kylie Suarez. Seriously she was beautiful and I am SO happy for her. We had family chicken taco night once John got in from Vegas and off to bed. (Were so exciting)
Saturday Kendyl woke up warmer than warm. I just thought please not today, i have a list of people to see and errands to run. Well the tylenol didn't even phase her and all she wanted to do was lay on my chest. We did get some errands done before Trevor went to the dance with the cutest girl! I am so happy I am so close to home so I can not miss this stuff. We headed to dinner for Jases birthday. I just wasnt feeling the dinner, and either was Kendyl.
We got home at 9 and Kendyl immediatley started vomitting. Off to the doc since the med wouldn't work and vomitting. Her temp was up to 103.2. I thought for sure her UTI was back to haunt us. Came back normal, no bad ears, no bad throat.....pretty much just watch her the next few days. UGH seriously! So sorry to EVERYBODY that I didn't get to come and see u guys. I will be down in like 3 weeks so we will catch up then.

We finally made it back to Rexburg for an exciting and stressful week ahead of us.
Jase has quite a few tests with midterms this week. I am going to finish the Lazyman Ironman.
Its Valentines Day. Its Jases Birthday. Kendyl needs to feel better, oh and she is teething! I hope Courtney gets kicked off the Bachelor and I hope Conda gets kicked off Biggest Loser.

Kendyls update* She says no to everything. Even if Mickey Mouse asks her to help in something on tv...its always no. She loves to have "tickets" and have her winning name called out and she throws her hands in the air and yells YAY! She is obsessed with books and stickers. She still loves her bff Brylie right next door. She yelled OH TOODLES the other day. She absolutely loves the Price is Right. She is still a pretty darn good napper. Here are her latest pictures! Enjoy. And we miss everybody back home! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This month at the gym they have a lazy ironman race. Pretty much you have the month of February to complete:
26 miles of running
112 miles of biking
2.7 miles of swimming
Only Im trying to complete it in less than the month.
So, lets hope i stay undizzy and stay healthy so I can get this done!

ps. January- I went an entire month without baked goods! WOO WOO! candy and that stuff isn't my weekness. My weakness is cookies and cupcakes and brownies and anything else like that! I did it because growing up i would laugh at people who would do this. I thought there is NO way i could EVER do it. So, I caved in and I did it. It was hard. The hardest- going to subway and seeing the softest chocolate chip cookies I have EVER seen! UGH That was hard!