Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running partner.

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early. 6:30 am is when I started my run out through the farm fields just west of our house. The fields were wet and soggy so I stayed on the paved roads. I crossed some fresh wet tracks on the road that were HUGE! I thought horse? No, horses have hald cirlces for foot prints! Didn't think much of it until later in the run when I noticed no dogs, no people no "nothing" out and about at this early hour. This was my conclusion...

So I got home and told Jase all about it. Again he thought maybe a horse. No no no I told him... can't be. I tried to convince him of my thoughts of a mountain lion. He said Ya, maybe its a st. Bernard. I said Jase! what the heck is a St. Bernard doing out at 6 am in the middle of nowhere. ok he finally believed me. I headed to work and talked to Stacy who knows anything and everything about animals. Without a doubt she said a mountain lion! AHHH! Since she thought it was I knew it was and I was scared now. She told me to not be dumb and run alone and make sure to put a bell on my hip.. or just run with a shot gun!

Lets fast forward to monday night after work. I was driving home the back way and about in the spot where I saw my "Mountain Lion" tracks. Here is where I found the culprit. I laughed and felt like an Idiot!

Indeed it was a St. Bernard!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

T dam Marathon

Am I becomming obsessed? I just signed up to run the 10 k. I have 3 weeks to train for this baby. I have to run 6 miles this day anyway, why not get a free t shirt and swag bag out of it!?

I think this is a good motivation in the training for the actual half. Plus it just gives me an idea of what to expect on race day so I can relax and run and not worry about everything else!

Come one come all come run with me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heaven in a bottle?

Not gonna lie, I had this salad dressing last night With Cami while the boys were out. Not gonna lie, Best salad dressing I have ever had in my entire LIFE! I wished I could lick the plate after but I was at her house and I didn't want to look insane! Thanks Cami! This bottle Is $9.95 BUT it is ALL organic, locally made (In Heber) and SOOOO worth it! SO if you want, get some, you won't regret it! To order go Here

Thanks cami! (we should just kick the boys out so we can eat salads and spaghetti more often!

Training for Beginners

I absolutely HATED running with a passion. Last year I started after gaining my after wedding weight. I started to enjoy it, then I loved biking and did my first triathalon. This is coming from a girl that made up EVERY excuse to not run the mile at school. So my first triathalon (remind you it was a mini one) was really fun and I loved the feeling of accomplishment after. So then I was like hey, Maybe I should run a half marathon. Fast forward 2 weeks... I found out I was pregnant and I had a bad case of it. I stopping working out from that day forward. So fast forward to now... I am signed up to run my first half marathon.
I have been getting lots of questions about my running schedule because well, I have been loving it. I am sure there are SO many ways to train and run but this one works for me so I like it.
So it has a printer friendly version so I printed it and posted it. And let me tell you the feeling of accomplishment I get when I get home and cross off Another days training! Then its even more fun to look back and say wow I ran that much this week!
So go Here and check out his stuff!

Also Here Is a quote I love!

Sacrifice or Regret...You decide!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I got myself into...

13.1 miles in 13 weeks!

{scared to death but SO excited}

Thats right, I have signed up to run the {Provo River Half Marathon!}

I have 13 weeks to train. 13 weeks to get my self together. 13 weeks to really see if I can fulfill a goal. 13 weeks to see if I have what it takes to push my body to its limits.

Wish me luck and send me some training tips! I have NEVER ran more than 3 miles in my WHOLE life!

Lets start off with 3 miles tonight, and go for by next week!

little Monkey is 6 Months!

Oh my goodness! Our little monkey toad is 6 months old! She has grown up so much over the past 6 weeks! It seriously has felt like 2 weeks! Here are some things she likes to do!

  • She loves to talk and squeel!

  • She loves to suck on her toes

  • She loves baby einstein the animal movie

  • She loves to eat and be cuddled

  • She loves Disney music

  • She can sit for the most part, just gets off balance when she reaches for things

  • she started reaching for people

  • she loves to go shopping

  • She has a smile that is so beautiful it will lighten up anybodys day!

  • She loves bath time with bubbles and her rubber duckies

  • She loves stroller rides on warm days

  • She loves her toys

  • She loves when we come and get her out of bed, again, makes our WHOLE day!

We went in for her well check up this morning and she is healthy as a peach. She now weighs 14.1 lbs {15th percentile} and 25.3 inches long {35th percentile}. She then got her shots and cried, but she was SUCH a big girl and so brave. So after I took her to Old navy for some cute new sandals and then to The Childrens Place for some cute sunglasses!

Happy half birthday to my baby girl! Love you!