Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running partner.

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early. 6:30 am is when I started my run out through the farm fields just west of our house. The fields were wet and soggy so I stayed on the paved roads. I crossed some fresh wet tracks on the road that were HUGE! I thought horse? No, horses have hald cirlces for foot prints! Didn't think much of it until later in the run when I noticed no dogs, no people no "nothing" out and about at this early hour. This was my conclusion...

So I got home and told Jase all about it. Again he thought maybe a horse. No no no I told him... can't be. I tried to convince him of my thoughts of a mountain lion. He said Ya, maybe its a st. Bernard. I said Jase! what the heck is a St. Bernard doing out at 6 am in the middle of nowhere. ok he finally believed me. I headed to work and talked to Stacy who knows anything and everything about animals. Without a doubt she said a mountain lion! AHHH! Since she thought it was I knew it was and I was scared now. She told me to not be dumb and run alone and make sure to put a bell on my hip.. or just run with a shot gun!

Lets fast forward to monday night after work. I was driving home the back way and about in the spot where I saw my "Mountain Lion" tracks. Here is where I found the culprit. I laughed and felt like an Idiot!

Indeed it was a St. Bernard!


  1. This is HILARIOUS! But yes, be safe when you go run early by yourself!