Tuesday, May 10, 2011

little Monkey is 6 Months!

Oh my goodness! Our little monkey toad is 6 months old! She has grown up so much over the past 6 weeks! It seriously has felt like 2 weeks! Here are some things she likes to do!

  • She loves to talk and squeel!

  • She loves to suck on her toes

  • She loves baby einstein the animal movie

  • She loves to eat and be cuddled

  • She loves Disney music

  • She can sit for the most part, just gets off balance when she reaches for things

  • she started reaching for people

  • she loves to go shopping

  • She has a smile that is so beautiful it will lighten up anybodys day!

  • She loves bath time with bubbles and her rubber duckies

  • She loves stroller rides on warm days

  • She loves her toys

  • She loves when we come and get her out of bed, again, makes our WHOLE day!

We went in for her well check up this morning and she is healthy as a peach. She now weighs 14.1 lbs {15th percentile} and 25.3 inches long {35th percentile}. She then got her shots and cried, but she was SUCH a big girl and so brave. So after I took her to Old navy for some cute new sandals and then to The Childrens Place for some cute sunglasses!

Happy half birthday to my baby girl! Love you!

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