Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Training for Beginners

I absolutely HATED running with a passion. Last year I started after gaining my after wedding weight. I started to enjoy it, then I loved biking and did my first triathalon. This is coming from a girl that made up EVERY excuse to not run the mile at school. So my first triathalon (remind you it was a mini one) was really fun and I loved the feeling of accomplishment after. So then I was like hey, Maybe I should run a half marathon. Fast forward 2 weeks... I found out I was pregnant and I had a bad case of it. I stopping working out from that day forward. So fast forward to now... I am signed up to run my first half marathon.
I have been getting lots of questions about my running schedule because well, I have been loving it. I am sure there are SO many ways to train and run but this one works for me so I like it.
So it has a printer friendly version so I printed it and posted it. And let me tell you the feeling of accomplishment I get when I get home and cross off Another days training! Then its even more fun to look back and say wow I ran that much this week!
So go Here and check out his stuff!

Also Here Is a quote I love!

Sacrifice or Regret...You decide!

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