Friday, August 24, 2012


 Florida life is seriously so fun.  We are enjoying our time here.  There is just something about living by palm trees that brighten my day.  I love the nightly rain storms that pour its heart out.  I love the sunrises and the sunsets. I love that Kendyls little legs are starting to get brown!  I don't however enjoy the frog outside our window that croaks into a megaphone starting at 3am.  I will get him and move him one day. 

The other day for FHE our friends and us went to the swimming hole.  AS we walked in there was a gator underneath the kids slide.  OH NO!  Jase and Justin quickly became the gator boys and seriously it took them maybe a good hour to get him.  He was a quick little bugger.  They finally caught him and LOVED taking pictures.  I don't think I will get into too much detail (idk the legal limits on playing with gators?) and all of a sudden Jase got BIT!  That things snap was so loud.  He quickly bled a lot of blood.  Justin and Jeremy went and released the gator into a pond away from the swimming hole. Jase got cleaned up by Mckenzie... (seriously she is a hero in so many ways!) He should have got stitches but he was anti go to the er that night when he had to wake up at 4am.  Don't blame him, so were watching it close for infections and cleaning it daily!
 We finally became Florida residents!  All that's left to do is register our car which were just waiting on a certain paper from the bank.  It will cost us around $500!  OUCH!  So not looking forward to that.  I miss Utah for this one reason.
 Kendyl lately is obsessed with getting dressed, getting undressed, wearing whatever and being crazy!  Here she is bright and early wearing my socks as mittens, my sports bra as shorts, my shoes and her pajama top.  Good combo kid!  ;)   she keeps us laughing that's for sure.
 This is Kendyls latest hobby (lasting now a couple months).  SHE LOVES STICKERS.  She loves peeling them off the paper, covering her face then moves on to my arms and face and legs etc.  Good thing i can find stickers for pretty cheap.
 This is my buggy and one of her friends Deklan.  They had fun playing and being crazy. 
And this is part of the swimming hole, the rope swings.  Kendyl will play and play and play.  I like when Jase goes because I have a phobia of getting in past my waist.  (example of why at the top of this post)  I love to hear her laugh and giggle in excitement.  What i might love even more, it wears her out so she takes a GOOD LONG nap. 
Bug is getting so smart.  If we ask her how smart she is she makes her arms super wide and says this smart!  She is learning colors, shapes, alphabet, loves the number zero  (she says rero) she knows EVERY animal sound. She loves Minnie Mouse and often asks to watch her.  She has a hard time eating except for hot dogs, then continues to lick the ketchup and mustard off the plate.  She LOVES apple juice.  She wont drink it unless its apple juice (even if its really milk or water i just tell her its apple juice).  She loves hide and go seek, coloring with chalk (thanks kenzie), drawing her hand, cuddling and watching minnie mouse. 
Jase is busy working and living the ranch life.  Its shipping season so he has been working many hours.  He loves when he does get off work on time.  HE is STILL obsessed with gun stuff and you can bet he comes home and goes straight to working on guns.  Whatever keeps him happy right?  At least he makes a few dollars off of it.
I'm just busy staying home and helping Kendyl learn and grow.  Its the best job in the world.  Although I cant wait for weekends for the beach and steak n shake.  I'm getting excited to take bug to seaworld.  Were just waiting until school starts around the country so its not CRAZY busy.  I love looking on pinterest and trying new recipes.  Most i like but others the pictures are so deceiving! I am loving the people here on the Ranch and i love our new friends.  Anyway, sorry this was long!