Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yesterday was rough....

Poor ms Bug had such a rough day yesterday. And ms bugs mom...had a scary one! Kendyl woke up at about 4:30 and just cried. She had a week of this getting up at night thing, so I went in and rocked her, laid her back down and she just screamed some more. That was it, I was tired so off to bed with me she went. I felt her head and it seemed a little warm, but bad mom moment here I thought it was just because she was worked up and crying. She finally went to sleep, but Jase and I just layed there and stirred. I felt her head again and it was still warm so I checked it and my thermometer said 100.7. W gave her some tylenol and we all slept pretty good. The next "day" she was just miserable. She didn't get up and try to crawl off the bed, she didn't want to eat or drink anything. After all this I called the doc and the first nurse said to just watch her for a while but she would have another nurse call me back. She finally did and said try a popcicle and if she doesn't eat that then bring her in. Well she ate the popcicle just fine, but her fever wouldn't be touched and I just knew I needed to get her in. So we took off to the doctor. When we got there her Temperature was 103.4. (i really think my thermometer was broken!) I freaked and so did the nurse and doc. They checked her ears and her throat but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They then needed a urine sample and the only way to do that is to use a catheder. That was So sad to watch her scream just to get some pee. The doc took it back and said it would be about 10 minutes. He was back within 2 minutes, and she definatley had a UTI. He gave her 500 mg of motrin, then some advil, and wrote a rx for a strong antibiotic. He then said asap we needed to get her down to Primary Childrens Medical Center for a Ultrasound on her kidneys. (soonest we can go is next week since they're booked and the holidays). Poor buggy was just dripping in sweat. Her hair literally looked like she was in the bath tub! I know she will be ok, because she will be in the best hands, but I am still pretty scared. She is too little and sweet to have anything wrong.

I am however so greatful this happened when it did. If we would have been in Kansas who knows if we could have gotten the help we needed. Plus there isn't a childrens hospital for HOURS!... now were about 10 minutes away. Im thankful Im by family that helped me get medicine and drinks for her when i didn't want to get her out in the freezing cold with her fever.

Her ultrasound is next week sometime. The referral lady is supposed to call me today and let me know.

Kendyl was a trooper though. All day she didn't forget to bark and every dog or animal with 4 legs. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas wont be like this forever...

PSH, i wish this was my christmas tree, but this year, we don't have one. With us moving all the time we just don't have a place to store all our christmas decor. This year I so don't want to take Christmas for granted. We will be across the country for quite a few christmases to come. I am so excited to just "LAY LOW" this christmas and surround ourselves with those who mean the world to us...FAMILY! Who knows, This might even be our last "Cold" or "snowy" Christmas. Baby were gonna be livin in Florida and anything that would give us a "COLD" or "white christmas" is the cold ocean or the white sandy beaches. Don't get me wrong, I have dreamed of a christmas like this for my entire life so I am pretty stoked. I am just sad that its going to be completely different from here on out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pictures finally

Here are some pictures of the bug. She is growing up so much!
The next 3 are some christmas ones of us just messing around.

these next couple are just very few of her 1st birthday party! Again thank you to EVERYONE who came and supported!

This next one is her 1 year old picture!

then we come to her halloween pictures! She was a very uncooperative lady bug! ps these fields are what surrounded us in Kansas for 30 + miles in all directions!