Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little November

We are LOVING living in Florida.  Not to brag, but it was 82 degrees the other day!  November was such a fun month and FLEW by!  Kendyl turned the big 2! I cannot believe she is 2 already.  She is so full of sass and spazz and is so smart.  She loves all her new friends down on the ranch.  She loves to sing songs, dance, count, make funny faces, eat only hot dogs, play in her new kitchen, anything Minnie Mouse, and make us laugh all day long. 
We also had Jases parents come to visit for a few days, and had my BF Jessica come and visit as well.  I got food poisoning, and a cold twice, and had the Relief Society Christmas Dinner.  Thanks to my amazing counselors, I hardly did a thing and they did such an amazing job!
Here are a few pics of the month...
 Kendyl LOVES her new swing she got for her birthday!  We cannnot keep her off of it!
 While Jases parents were here we went on an Airboat ride!  Not gonna lie, I was super sick, but Jase said I can either be sick in bed or sick looking at nature, so here I am, pain and all!
 We went to Cocoa Beach and got to pick up some seashells.  Kendyl LOVES seashells!
 For Christmas my mom got us Sea World season passes!  Best gift ever!  We even got them early so we could go while Jases parents were here.....Im going to LOVE this year!
 Here we are in front of the fun sign!...
 We even got to feed the dolphins!  Ah seriously, I want one as a pet!  I will hands down build a tank myself
 ok this picture i can't help but share.  Please don't mind my nasty face ,but lets be honest, that Giraffe is totally Hamming it up for the camera.  BEST picture I took all day at the zoo, which we also got season passes to!
 These are just a few pics of kendyls birthday.  I had to get a few glam shots in her new outfits right!?
 Here are some faces she pulls while I try and take her picture!  She is hilarious and we love her!
 She got a fun little Minnie Mouse play set thing for her Birthday from gma and gpa Taylor...
 My mom got her a kitchen!  She loves it to the max!  She is always cooking up something yummy!
 We made her a cake and she LOVED the sprinkles!  Who knew?
But she also loved the cake as wel!

I have alot of catching up to do and I will get around to it I promise!  Just know we are loving living here! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :) 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lots of pics up today!  Here is a brief overview of October!  At the beginning of the month Kendyl and I found tickets to fly to Utah for $271 round trip!!  That was a steal, plus my dear grandma has been getting sick so we jumped on the plane to go see her!  It was wonderful!  Kendyl was awesome on the planes and we even got to go to Texas for a few hours! We spent many days at the swimming hole with some amazing friends here on the ranch.  I seriously couldn't have asked for better people to be here.  The Relief Society Pres thing is coming around.  I really enjoy it and I am learning a TON! I feel so blessed to have that calling, and my counselors are beyond amazing!  I totally won with them! :) 
Kendyl keeps growing and growing.  She loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star, soft kitty warm kitty, her ABC's, can count to 13, put together puzzles, talks all day long and says anything and everything we say!  The other day i was exhausted and i put on Minnnie mouse and dozed off.  The next thing i know she was all up in my face and yelled WAKE UP then started laughing.  she will be 2 in 10 days! 
here are a few pics of whats kinda been going on
 I decided I hadn't taken pics of just Kendyl lately.....
 She loves to run around barefoot.  I guess it comes with living on a ranch, or maybe she hates shoes like i did growing up?
 awww :)
 She loves to go out and pick up rocks.  Now we have to wait til she is ready to paint the rocks!
 And here she is running from the camera in her cute new outfit. 

 Here are her CUTE CUTE new Toms.  Seriously this girl can put these shoes on all by herself which is a big help.  It also helps that they are adorable and go with everything.  Sometimes i dress them up with a little flower!
 This is bug in her GLOW IN THE DARK (new favorite thing) jammies and pigging out on Halloween candy!  She is so in love with suckers this year!
 This was during my trip to Utah, this is Hobbs pond across from my moms house.  Seriously this picture doesn't even describe how pretty it is!
 This is my BFF Jessica!  I was beyond happy to get to see her!  We are pretty legit friends! 
Then this is us at the ward trunk or treat!  Kendyl was a witch.  There was too much fun going on for her to want to stop and take a picture!  I was a grape and won most original costume!!  WOOO HOOO!

Anyway, I just scratched the surface of what has been going on!  We LOVE Florida!! It is beyond a blessing that we are here!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a week...

Lets see if these pictures somewhat sum up my life these past week and a half or so.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.  Lets just say that my world has been rocked and my eyes are opened wide.  Lets start off....
1. I got an amazing new calling in our ward.  Relief Society president.  I am seriously shocked, nervous, clueless and the list goes on.  I am also very very excited and am so excited for my new counselors + Secretary.  They are truly amazing women and I have SO much to learn from them!  The reaction I got from friends was that they thought I was joking.  Im not! My testimnoy has grown like crazy in this short time so far and I am so excited to get to work!

2. So, along with my news above, I ended up in the Emergency Room 2 sundays ago.  Im going to be brief.  I had a miscarriage. Im doing ok, were doing ok. I was about 6 weeks.  I started bleeding like a crazy person and since it was Labor Day weekend the clinics didnt want to touch me so off to the ER we went.

3. THEN I got the awful cold going around.  My sinuses were stuffed beyond belief. I am just glad it was a very quick cold.

Im so very thankful to Jase and Kendyl for understanding and being so caring while my head has been away.  Im so very thankful to the AMAZING friends I have for taking me under their wing and taking care of us.  So please excuse me if im not totally with it right now, Ive been so busy and my brain has been on other things lately! So thankful for my family as well for everything they do for us!  Sometimes its hard living across the country, but they have helped make it such an amazing experience for us! 

PS, were going private in the next little bit so if you could leave your email address I will add you to our list so you can still view our life. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


 Florida life is seriously so fun.  We are enjoying our time here.  There is just something about living by palm trees that brighten my day.  I love the nightly rain storms that pour its heart out.  I love the sunrises and the sunsets. I love that Kendyls little legs are starting to get brown!  I don't however enjoy the frog outside our window that croaks into a megaphone starting at 3am.  I will get him and move him one day. 

The other day for FHE our friends and us went to the swimming hole.  AS we walked in there was a gator underneath the kids slide.  OH NO!  Jase and Justin quickly became the gator boys and seriously it took them maybe a good hour to get him.  He was a quick little bugger.  They finally caught him and LOVED taking pictures.  I don't think I will get into too much detail (idk the legal limits on playing with gators?) and all of a sudden Jase got BIT!  That things snap was so loud.  He quickly bled a lot of blood.  Justin and Jeremy went and released the gator into a pond away from the swimming hole. Jase got cleaned up by Mckenzie... (seriously she is a hero in so many ways!) He should have got stitches but he was anti go to the er that night when he had to wake up at 4am.  Don't blame him, so were watching it close for infections and cleaning it daily!
 We finally became Florida residents!  All that's left to do is register our car which were just waiting on a certain paper from the bank.  It will cost us around $500!  OUCH!  So not looking forward to that.  I miss Utah for this one reason.
 Kendyl lately is obsessed with getting dressed, getting undressed, wearing whatever and being crazy!  Here she is bright and early wearing my socks as mittens, my sports bra as shorts, my shoes and her pajama top.  Good combo kid!  ;)   she keeps us laughing that's for sure.
 This is Kendyls latest hobby (lasting now a couple months).  SHE LOVES STICKERS.  She loves peeling them off the paper, covering her face then moves on to my arms and face and legs etc.  Good thing i can find stickers for pretty cheap.
 This is my buggy and one of her friends Deklan.  They had fun playing and being crazy. 
And this is part of the swimming hole, the rope swings.  Kendyl will play and play and play.  I like when Jase goes because I have a phobia of getting in past my waist.  (example of why at the top of this post)  I love to hear her laugh and giggle in excitement.  What i might love even more, it wears her out so she takes a GOOD LONG nap. 
Bug is getting so smart.  If we ask her how smart she is she makes her arms super wide and says this smart!  She is learning colors, shapes, alphabet, loves the number zero  (she says rero) she knows EVERY animal sound. She loves Minnie Mouse and often asks to watch her.  She has a hard time eating except for hot dogs, then continues to lick the ketchup and mustard off the plate.  She LOVES apple juice.  She wont drink it unless its apple juice (even if its really milk or water i just tell her its apple juice).  She loves hide and go seek, coloring with chalk (thanks kenzie), drawing her hand, cuddling and watching minnie mouse. 
Jase is busy working and living the ranch life.  Its shipping season so he has been working many hours.  He loves when he does get off work on time.  HE is STILL obsessed with gun stuff and you can bet he comes home and goes straight to working on guns.  Whatever keeps him happy right?  At least he makes a few dollars off of it.
I'm just busy staying home and helping Kendyl learn and grow.  Its the best job in the world.  Although I cant wait for weekends for the beach and steak n shake.  I'm getting excited to take bug to seaworld.  Were just waiting until school starts around the country so its not CRAZY busy.  I love looking on pinterest and trying new recipes.  Most i like but others the pictures are so deceiving! I am loving the people here on the Ranch and i love our new friends.  Anyway, sorry this was long!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sea Turtles nesting

The other night on Friday the 13th, we decided we would head to dinner then to the beach.  We heard that sea turtles were starting to come to the land and lay their eggs this month.  I was so excited because I had never seen a sea turtle on land, only while snorkeling in Hawaii (which in itself was AMAZING!).  Anyway we quickly ate dinner and off to the beach we went.  We lathered ourselves in bug spray and off we went.  When we got there it was still a little light out so we had to sit and wait.  I watched and watched for sharks but didn't see any.  It was finally getting dark and Jase said, we better wait another half hour.  UGH!  this was the time that i saw a sneaky crab and wanted to be done for the night. 
We waited and waited and when we could barely see anything we went for a stroll on the beach.  So romantic, a long walk to the beach.  Also, let me remind you, Kendyl is terrified of sand so we had her to carry with a death grip on us.  We walked about a quarter mile and we saw tracks!  we followed them up to a HUGE turtle.  We are not allowed to turn on lights of anysort since it scares them and they are endagered.  Not another 10 yards away, we saw another turtle approaching the beach from the water!  i was almost in tears with excitement!  Then along came 3 crazy save the turtle activist and they invited us to watch them lay eggs with a special red light!  We watched her lay 120 eggs!  Woo hoo!  It was AMAZING!
special facts
Sea turtles cannot reprodice or lay eggs until at least the age of 35, but up to age 45ish
only 1 egg in 1000 will make it to reproductive age. that is 1 in 10 nests that will be able to reproduce.
They only lay eggs about every 2-3 years. 
the hole they lay the eggs into is a good foot-2 feet deep! (they only have flippers!)

Anyway, I left happy and cannot wait to maybe go see some more this weekend. 

Here we are after, in the wind away from the turtles, finally a picture!  darn wind! and bolow is the type of turle we saw.  It is a logger head sea turtle.  Ours was 46 inches long and about 3 feet wide. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Housing/ the 4th

Well we made it to Florida!  This was our 13th move and Kendyls 10th!  Good thing were here to stay for a bit!  We arrived during Tropical Storm Debby, and boy did it rain.  We got about 20 inches in like 2 days!  I didn't think it would ever dry up, but it did, and we are still wanting some more!

 Kendyl before her first ever airplane ride!  We let her have her binkie back to help her with her ears.  I get the worst ear aches.  She was a champ!  Jase had her pretty much all of the plane time.  He laid out the trays in from of him and she laid across those like a superstar and slept so well.  Us, well, it took us a while to catch up on our sleep.  We were so happy to finally land and have Paul pick us up!  He is great! 
 Our new favorite thing to do is go large mouth Bass fishing.  Until an unexpected gator shows up 5 feet in front of us like its his territory.  This has happened twice.  I think we need to find a new fishing spot! 
 Here is Kendyl again with smelling a flower! She thinks they are so pretty.  Even when she sees them in a book she still tries to smell them. 
 We worked so hard cleaning and unpacking, this is Kendyl taking a nap and break from it all.  Its sweet and all, but this was at 9:30 in the morning!  That is 2 hours early!

Anyway we had our first holiday here, the 4th of July! I was talking to my friend Jessica about what they do for fun in Florida for the 4th and how I didn't think it would be as fun as Utah.  She said "why cauase were confederates!?"  ha ha i didn't even know what a confederate is!  I then explained no, cause the state is full of retired people and they aren't big into parties! ha ha anyway I then learned the ranch throws one heck of a party and we had a blast! 
 Here is kendyls 4th of July outfit!  idk why her hair looks red?  but its still pretty blonde!
 top left:  Her drinking my diet coke.  I don't frink diet coke, but that day i did.  Top right: her and Dad! bottom left: Kendyl and me bottom right: just her!
Then a couple months ago Kendyl was in a photoshoot for the CUTEST boutique!  This was one of her outfits she got to wear.  More on that later!  but to check out the boutique

Sanibel Island/mom, Travis visits

A few days after we landed in Florida my Mom and brother, Trevor, came out to visit us.  We had so much fun!  First we went to Steak n Shake for dinner, then woke up got ready and went to Steak n Shake again for lunch.  Seriously we love that place and there is a reason we went there 2 times in a 12 hour period.  A- Its so so good and B- Our house had too much grime to want to think about eating in it... more on that later!
Anyway we headed down to West Palm Beach to see my moms uncle and visit.  It fun to chit chat, swim and eat some good food.  Then we headed across the state to the Gulf side to Sanibel Island!  It was gorgeous and so much fun!  Really laid back too. 

 Here is Trevor and I waiting for our Virgin pina Coladas and Daquiris.  mmm mmm  Just what we needed!
 We rented bikes and toured a little bit of the island
 Here are all 3 of us.  Thanks Mom for staying behind and watching Kendyl!  :)
                                                        You never see this is Utah
                                            If this is all this guy has to worry about, then I say he has a good life! :)
 There were GIANT hibiscus flowers there!  Kendyl loved to smell them!
and.... we rented a paddleboard!  So so so much fun! 

This island is known for sea shell hunting.  We found a bunch of conch shells, sand dollars and my mom even found a 9 legged star fish!  There were dolphins at least 2-3 times a day that would just swim right by you! 

We headed back to the ranch so Jase could start work and we headed to Cocoa Beach to go to Ron Jons and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.  This is where Trevor saw a baby shark.  Yikes!  The next day (July 3rd)  we headed to Orlando, OUTLET MALL!  we hit some good sales!  Then it was time to take them to the airport! :(   We had so much fun and I hope they get to come out again soon.  Love you guys!

Goodbye Party

We had a goodbye/Jase graduated party before we left Utah! We were going to fly buddy passes to Florida so we planned the party for a saturday night.  Then next we knew we were good to go on the saturday morning flight.  Then they didn't let me check in online so I called and the lady asked if I was flying with a child and for me to register her then (apparently a big no no!)  so then we got bumped and ended up having to buy last minute one way tickets, which was surprisingly not a bad price!  So with confusion we had to reschedule the party like 3 times but we ended up sticking with the original. 
Shae and August couldn't make it so we went to Surf n Swim the day before!  It was so fun to get out and about and play in the water!  Kendyl loved having a friend and loved the boat they got to float in.  Now Kendyl is always saying "Augi, Augi" for August!

 August and Kendyl
 Me and Shae baby

We had a good turn out to our BBQ we had, considering its prime bear lake and camping time and it was on a saturday mid summer! 
 Im so glad my grandma and grandpa shields could come!  we love them!

 These are some of my moms friends and the famous aunt holly on the right.  They are all such great supporters and they are so so funny and fun! 
 Zack Goff got to come!  Havent seen that guy in forever!  He was part of setting Jase and I up. 
 The Marins!  I used to babysit these kids!  They are such a fun family.  David (the dad) was the one that sang at our wedding!  We love them!
 This is the Barton Family.  Paulette, Justin and Gracie Mae  (oh and little baby boy Barton in her belly!)  We are so thankful they came and we're so excited for them!
 The Bares/Bodilys got to come!  Gosh I just love this family so much!  Bandon (who just got back from the army (i could totally be wrong) is in the red. Brayden is the tallest most fun guy ever on the back left and Jess is the girl beside me.  She is so fun and I seriously think of them as my own family! 
This was Kendyls goodbye party shirt.  It says ciao!  she waves and says ciao!  I thought it was fitting! 
Anyway thats all the pics I was able to take as I was playing hostess too.  Thank you To everyone who came to see us one last time!  We love you so much and we miss you!