Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a week...

Lets see if these pictures somewhat sum up my life these past week and a half or so.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.  Lets just say that my world has been rocked and my eyes are opened wide.  Lets start off....
1. I got an amazing new calling in our ward.  Relief Society president.  I am seriously shocked, nervous, clueless and the list goes on.  I am also very very excited and am so excited for my new counselors + Secretary.  They are truly amazing women and I have SO much to learn from them!  The reaction I got from friends was that they thought I was joking.  Im not! My testimnoy has grown like crazy in this short time so far and I am so excited to get to work!

2. So, along with my news above, I ended up in the Emergency Room 2 sundays ago.  Im going to be brief.  I had a miscarriage. Im doing ok, were doing ok. I was about 6 weeks.  I started bleeding like a crazy person and since it was Labor Day weekend the clinics didnt want to touch me so off to the ER we went.

3. THEN I got the awful cold going around.  My sinuses were stuffed beyond belief. I am just glad it was a very quick cold.

Im so very thankful to Jase and Kendyl for understanding and being so caring while my head has been away.  Im so very thankful to the AMAZING friends I have for taking me under their wing and taking care of us.  So please excuse me if im not totally with it right now, Ive been so busy and my brain has been on other things lately! So thankful for my family as well for everything they do for us!  Sometimes its hard living across the country, but they have helped make it such an amazing experience for us! 

PS, were going private in the next little bit so if you could leave your email address I will add you to our list so you can still view our life. 


  1. Tayler!!! That breaks my heart. :'( I will keep you in my prayers. But congrats on your new calling! You will be amazing! Add my email :)

  2. I am so sorry, Tayler. I hope you guys are doing ok! I love to read what you guys are up to! My email address is

  3. Love you! email is..

  4. Tay! I love you, and Im so sorry!:( You will be awesome with your calling! (I guess my last comment didnt work)