Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yesterday was rough....

Poor ms Bug had such a rough day yesterday. And ms bugs mom...had a scary one! Kendyl woke up at about 4:30 and just cried. She had a week of this getting up at night thing, so I went in and rocked her, laid her back down and she just screamed some more. That was it, I was tired so off to bed with me she went. I felt her head and it seemed a little warm, but bad mom moment here I thought it was just because she was worked up and crying. She finally went to sleep, but Jase and I just layed there and stirred. I felt her head again and it was still warm so I checked it and my thermometer said 100.7. W gave her some tylenol and we all slept pretty good. The next "day" she was just miserable. She didn't get up and try to crawl off the bed, she didn't want to eat or drink anything. After all this I called the doc and the first nurse said to just watch her for a while but she would have another nurse call me back. She finally did and said try a popcicle and if she doesn't eat that then bring her in. Well she ate the popcicle just fine, but her fever wouldn't be touched and I just knew I needed to get her in. So we took off to the doctor. When we got there her Temperature was 103.4. (i really think my thermometer was broken!) I freaked and so did the nurse and doc. They checked her ears and her throat but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They then needed a urine sample and the only way to do that is to use a catheder. That was So sad to watch her scream just to get some pee. The doc took it back and said it would be about 10 minutes. He was back within 2 minutes, and she definatley had a UTI. He gave her 500 mg of motrin, then some advil, and wrote a rx for a strong antibiotic. He then said asap we needed to get her down to Primary Childrens Medical Center for a Ultrasound on her kidneys. (soonest we can go is next week since they're booked and the holidays). Poor buggy was just dripping in sweat. Her hair literally looked like she was in the bath tub! I know she will be ok, because she will be in the best hands, but I am still pretty scared. She is too little and sweet to have anything wrong.

I am however so greatful this happened when it did. If we would have been in Kansas who knows if we could have gotten the help we needed. Plus there isn't a childrens hospital for HOURS!... now were about 10 minutes away. Im thankful Im by family that helped me get medicine and drinks for her when i didn't want to get her out in the freezing cold with her fever.

Her ultrasound is next week sometime. The referral lady is supposed to call me today and let me know.

Kendyl was a trooper though. All day she didn't forget to bark and every dog or animal with 4 legs. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas wont be like this forever...

PSH, i wish this was my christmas tree, but this year, we don't have one. With us moving all the time we just don't have a place to store all our christmas decor. This year I so don't want to take Christmas for granted. We will be across the country for quite a few christmases to come. I am so excited to just "LAY LOW" this christmas and surround ourselves with those who mean the world to us...FAMILY! Who knows, This might even be our last "Cold" or "snowy" Christmas. Baby were gonna be livin in Florida and anything that would give us a "COLD" or "white christmas" is the cold ocean or the white sandy beaches. Don't get me wrong, I have dreamed of a christmas like this for my entire life so I am pretty stoked. I am just sad that its going to be completely different from here on out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pictures finally

Here are some pictures of the bug. She is growing up so much!
The next 3 are some christmas ones of us just messing around.

these next couple are just very few of her 1st birthday party! Again thank you to EVERYONE who came and supported!

This next one is her 1 year old picture!

then we come to her halloween pictures! She was a very uncooperative lady bug! ps these fields are what surrounded us in Kansas for 30 + miles in all directions!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kendyl Mac turns ONE!

So this is just a little late and I have no pictures since my camera is in Salt Lake and Im at my moms BUT..... Kendyl turned ONE!!!
She is just the best little girl and we love her so much. She is so smart and so wild! She has the best support from so many people and we thank EVERYONE so much for coming to her birthday party and for supporting her and us. It is so crazy to think about the great friends and family we have, especially when we miss so much of everybody elses stuff because of where we live. So seriously from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!
Kendyl can't walk quite yet, even though I know she wants to so bad. She can hold our hand or the couch chair or table and walk. She knows what a doggie, cow, duck and sheep says. She can say thank you and uh-oooooh. She absolutely loves to dance. She can melt your heart with her smiles, hugs and kisses. She sleeps all night long and then takes a good 2-3 hour nap *most days. She loves graham crackers and refried beans. She loves drawers and cupboards, paper and anything that makes a mess.
She now weighs 18.7 pounds and is 28 inches long. This makes her 20 percentile in weight and 55th in height.
Well, I will post pictures of the sweet girl later!

Monday, November 14, 2011

were back!

We are moved across the street from this until The very end of December! I would take this over.....

This ANY DAY! This road below is Kansas. This is what we had to look at for 30 miles to the nearest ANYTHING! So here is our review of Kansas.

Kansas was flat and very desolate. We honestly didn't have anything living between us and 30 miles away except a few thousand cows and millions of dead corn stocks. When we made it to town (Garden City) it was made up of about 95% hispanics. This made for one good thing, an amazing mexican restaurant. The other 5% were modern day amish called the menonites. They also had a pretty good restaurant.

Our house was tucked in down a mile dirt road and surrounded by trees. It used to be an old cabin on a mini lake. The lake is totally dried up and the cabin is turned into a house. We had no grass and just dirt, dead trees, and half the population of flies. Everyday I would kill about 20 and Jase would come home and kill about 20 inside our house. That makes for an annoyance when they are buzzing ALL around us and on every piece of food we try to eat. Our house thankfully had satelite tv, but unfortunatley it had the worst phone service and no internet. We learned a lot from disney channel, The doctors, Ellen and E. We watched Kim Kardashian get married, AND divorced all from our humble abode.

Im sure people love Kansas. For me, its not my type of place I would ever want to even visit again. We are so thankful for the opportunity to go there, especially at what was going on in our lives. At the same time, were beyond thankful to be moved to utah and living across from temple square. Here is my chance for big city living!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I spent a week with who!?


So at the ranch we have lots of special opportunities! Jases mom and I cook for the hunters and the guides during the hunts. This past week we had a special group come in. They were the sponsored hunters from Under Armour, young Blood AND we had a very special guest.... Craig Morgan. I say his name and nobody really knows who he is, well let me tell you!
He sings: That's what I love about Sunday, Almost Home, Redneck yacht Club!
We had so much fun with him. He is such a gentleman and called me mam all the time. For breakfast he doesn't eat a thing, besides 4-7 cups of coffee with "Creme Brulee" coffee mate. He has never in his life tried Salt Water taffy. Well this trip he tried it and single handily ate about 3 lbs. So we sent him home with his own 4 lb bag. I got to do his laundry and as pay he owes me a signed CD and his newest CD that is about to be cut. We were supposed to take pictures with him BUT he spent too long hunting and had to hurry and catch his plane. I don't even think he peed before he left.
So how does it feel spending a week with a celebrity? Honestly it felt kinda weird. My entire life I always have LOVED country music. I have always been so star struck. Here was my chance and I was so shy. Kendyl on the other hand was not. She stole his heart. He would walk in from hunting and instead of going to change he would go straight to Kendyl and play. Anyway, we hope we get him back next year and maybe I wont be as shy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well, I have made the decision after trying to run today, I have to drop out of the half marathon on Saturday. I am SO sad and bummed. I have worked so hard and put my whole summer into training for it. I have had some HUGE bumps along the way and now I have hit a wall that there is no matter what I do, I can't get healthy by Saturday. I know this is just another sob story and wa wa wa... but really it kills me to "give up". I am not a quitter. I can no longer meet my goal for 2011. I can no longer do what I fell in love with this summer. . . So long running shoes, we will test you out in a few weeks!

9 months old!

I will have to post a picture later this afternoon. I just thought I would write all these down so that I don't forget because I am so not mother of the year in having exact dates and everything.
On Wednesday (yesterday) Kendyl turned 9 months old! She has grown up so stinkin fast it is not even funny. Here are a few things that she can do!
- She can roll around the room, back and forth.
-She can say mom mom mom, dad dad dad, doggie and duck.
-She just barely learned to waved bye or hi... she loves that she can move her arms and get reactions.
-She gives the best hugs and tries to give kisses, BIG open mouth kisses.
-She (i can now say) finally loves to go swimming.
- She loves to finger paint with her food like peas, green bean, sweet potatoes and carrots.
-She GAGS at peas. She absolutely hates them.
-She has one tooth with another one starting to poke through on the bottom.
-She loves doggies and any animals on tv.
-She is the funniest little thing ever!
-She still loves her feet, her puffs and pieces of bread.
-She loves to gurgle her spit, milk, juice or water.
Im so sure I could make this post forever long with everything she knows and what we love about her. All i can say is its about that time I need eyes in the back of my head and tennis shoes on!
Happy 9 months monkey toad!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I seriously Love my friends! They are the greatest things ever! :) We have so much fun together and I can't believe how fast we are all growing up! There are 3 of us with kids. We still act like kids. We laugh, we play, we eat, we talk, and most of all, We are ALWAYS there for eachother! I love you girls! Thanks for the best weekend ever!

well, that sucked!

This past Saturday, Jase and I decieded to run in the South Weber Days 10 k race. I was so excited for us both! We invited my brother Trevor, his friend Taelor, Jases mom Janae and my good friend Sam! We were all So excited and PUMPED! About a quarter mile into the race my knee felt like there was a giant dagger hot knife just cutting my leg off. It shot pain up and down my leg. I seriously was just about in tears. I ran as far as I could and quiclkly became in Last place. I was determined to finish this race. Jase kept telling me I needed to quit, so the next time i stopped for my knee I was done. I kept stopping to "catch my breath" tho. I was so upset and so sad. I did finish, second to last place. I was just SO angry and so upset. Since it was the weekend I had to wait until Monday to get into the doc. He took xrays and all sorts of stress tests. We determined there is something (some medical word) for something pinched. Here were my options:
1. Surgery 2. cortizone shot with still possible chance of surgery.

I opted for the shot so that I can still maybe possibly run my half marathon this Saturday. As for now, there is no way I am going to try and run and test it out tomorrow like I should. It is still in so much pain. It just throbs like crazy.

If I can run on Saturday i am still going to take it easy and walk a lot more than on a normal race, but what I would give right now to be able to complete this half. PLEASE work shot, PLEASE!!! oh and please don't ever let me get 2nd to last palce in a race EVER again, HOW EMBARASSING!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to Utah

Well where do I start!? Two weeks ago we left Jase in Idaho and kendyl and I moved back home so we could help his mom cook on the ranch. It was so fun to cool for Pauls groups. The first week we had attorneys and Management trainees! I got to see Eric Jacobsen, David Wright and so many other people. It was like a reunion. I was kind of worried to bring Kendyl to cook because during meetings we have to be so quiet, and every little noise it just echos through the lodge. Can you believe how good she was!? she just sat in her chair and watched us and was the PERFECT baby!

Then Bishop Mcmullin and Bishop Burton came up with their families, so Shawney took her on a mini pony ride!

then after 2 weeks of hard hard work we headed to Bear Lake with my family! It was so fun and we loved it! The water was so high and a little too cold for Kendyl so good thing we had a pool at our place!

We did lots of boating and Kendyl enjoyed it a lot. She is going to be a water baby and love it like I do!

But then the boat rocked her to sleep every time! It almost got to to point we went on boat rides just to make her take a nap.

So Jase and I took some pictures...

And then kendyl and I took so pictures on the beach!

We had a blast and Kendyl LOVED the sand! She gave herself a pedicure in it! We cannot wait to go again!

So anyway, we have all finally moved back to Ogden/Layton/wherever we can find a bed to stay in! We are officially living out of 3 suitcases and a laundry basket. My clothes never match, and I literally just grab whatever is on top. Despite this awkward living situation, I am thrilled to have my friendships back and be able to go see whoever whenever! So call me up and we can go on lunch dates, go swimming and the whole shabang!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Wow what a busy day! We celebrated up here in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. I personally think they have the best fireworks and the worst ideas on how to control traffic! Who shuts down the freeway entrance right after a firework show!?
Anyway, we started out by going to the Parade in Rexburg. It was really fun just LONG...and no chocolate milk this time! BOO! Kendyl didn't freak out at the firetrucks which I was surprised. She actually liked it and we made out with a haul on candy!

Ms Brylie and Kendyl always like to hug! They are seriously best friends!

Kendyl and I at the parade. Don't mind me, I had just ran there for my morning run. oh and that shirt and headband, totally made it, for her to later blow out her pants and get it clear up to her armpits. Its ruined now :(

Then after the parade we packed up and headed to the Ririe Lake just East of Idaho Falls. There we met up with The Bares and went boating! It was so fun but super hot waiting on the dock. And I was scared pantless since the day before they saw a HUGE water snake! I did however get in and wakeboard! I was in heaven! The water was freazing and would take your breath away when you fell.

Here we are boating! Kendyls lifejacket is HUGE! its so funny!

Jase, Kendyl and my feet! Oh and there is Darrin driving the boat!

Brylie and Kendyl, see told you they are best friends!

There we go!

Then we headed to Idaho falls and waited for the fireworks to start! They weren't as good as last year but they were still good! I was so excited for Kendyl cause I knew she would either be screaming for dear life, or have the time of her life. She just sat and stared in awe. We have no pictures in this event but i did video the fireworks so my mom and dad and trevor can see them! We missed them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you should read this

If your wanting some good blogs to read and follow, you should really check out these blogs.
Click Here
This is about a young boy that goes to North Layton jr. High. He has just the sweetest spirit and he is SO selfless! Instead of saying why me, he is looking at all the reasons of why not. When he could be out having a "normal" teenage summer with all his friends but can't because he is sick and because of germs and everything he is just awesome!
Also read this blog about Floppy hat Faye:
Click Here
This is just the sweetest little girl ever! I am still reading up on this one. Her and her family just moved to Texas, and a week after her mom had her baby brother she was diagnosed and sent to the childrens hospital which is 2 hours from their home. All of their family and friends are in Utah so they only have eachother to fight through this. She is just so dang cute in all of her "Floppy Hats!"
So read them and hug your family a little tighter because you never know when something like this can strike close to your home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long update!

Can't believe once it gets warm here in Rexburg, How fast the time goes! It seems like finally (within the last week and a half) it has gotten warm. And since our place and The Garvins place was built without air conditioner, we are outside CONSTANTLY! Kendyl and their little girl Brylie are BEST FRIENDS! Seriously they have so much fun together and give eachother hugs, and Kendyl freaks when she see's Bry, she loves her! We are so excited to see how they act when they see eachother again next January. ( oh ps, were headed to Kansas and they are headed to Oklahoma)
So yesterday we headed to the brand new Rexburg pool. It was fun! Kendyl loves bath time, FREAKED when she got in the water. She clung onto me was crying, she HATED it! She clung onto me for so long I have a little sunburn line of her hand holding my shoulder! We stopped and just let her splash around and then she saw Brylie was loving it, then she was ok to not cling on anymore. It was hilarious! Then we went over to do more sunscreen for the babies, and we were taking pictures. Kendyl has been such a big girl sitting so good lately I thought for sure she would be ok to sit for a few quick pictures. Bad mom moment, she fell and hit her head on the cement! :( I just wanted to burst out in tears! (oh i should mention this place you can't sit on the lawn cause it was just layed and there are no lawn chairs there!) I learned my lesson to never let her sit alone on hard surfaces again. She is ok tho, just a little scrape but i was really worried! I think it more scared her!

She then she decided she had enough and she passed out and took a little nap.

So we took pictures of Brylie! ps, this girl is such a diva and she always matches! Kendyl and I are quite jealous!

Here they are just playing! this is seconds before she bumped her head!

So a few weeks ago we wanted to go to the Zoo in Idaho Falls. Jase quickly learned his bro in law Tyson and his fam was coming up to fish so he wanted to head out there. Good thing the weather turned bad because we felt so bad ditching Kody and Cami. So FINALLY we got to the Zoo! It was seriously so much fun! Its no hogle zoo but they do have their share of fun animals! We loved the monkey, he was showing off for us for a good 10 minutes! I love the sloth bear! They had a black swan, kangaroos, penguins, Lions, and supposedly a Tiger but for 2 years now we have yet to see him.

These are my new favorite! Seriously I just love their hair!

So anyway, My last day of work is the 8th, and I have to be up on the ranch starting the 11th to start cooking for 2 weeks. That means this house has to be packed and ready to go by then. Have I started? no Am i stressing? YES! I have no idea what to take, what to leave, where to get cheap packing tape. you name it, Im stressing! So Im off to go pack!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How can you not love this

so sad that i love her face when she cries! cutest crying face ever!

cookie Tuesday

I have decided today to share a recipe that I love. I have been looking all over for a fabulous Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. I think I found my match! I got this recipe over at Chef-n-training and love it! If you want the recipe just click right HERE and it will take you right to the recipe! P.s I stole the pic from her blog since I move so much and have UGLY plates at the moment!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She is Growing So big!

First off this picture is August Brielle Romney! My bff Shae and Chris had her on June 10th so she is EXACTLY 7 months apart from Kendyl. She is So cute and SO tiny! Congrats you two!

Now on to Kendyl, 7 months already and already a sassy girl! She cannot get enough of her toes. If her toes are showing, they're are up in the air or in her mouth. She also has officially learned how to sit. She LOVES to pull on all my necklaces and earrings. She shakes her head no really fast now. She loves to spit. She rolls her wrists and ankles in cirlces all day long. (Hopefully she will have strong ankles so she doesn't break them like I did!) She sleeps through the night if she wants to. Other nights its her "play time". Her laugh still melts my heart. She can stand pretty well with support from us. She still wont roll from her back to her stomach. Although I wish she would, This makes changing her and laying her on the bed a breeze. She gets so angry if you take her toy away. Last night we went to ice cream and forgot a toy and she loves to hold paper so we let her until she started chewing on it, we took it away and she freaked! We had to dip our fingers in ice cream and let her suck on them to keep her quiet!
Today when I got home from work I hadn't gone and said hi to her yet. She could see me and she was squeeling like "hey did u forget about me!, Im over here!" So cute and So fun to come home to this little monkey!

Monday, June 13, 2011

10k down, half to go!

My Yellowstone Bear World Friends, Amanda, Me, Julie and Amber

Alright! So this was my first race EVER! It was the funnest thing I have ever done. A few girls from Bear World and I signed up and was SO excited to Run! We just did the 10k cause a few of us are just beginners in the running field.
I was SO nervous I made myself sick. I kept saying before that I was going to throw up. We started and it was amazing all the energy that was there and the feeling of 250 of us running all together!
I wasn't expecting many hills and just tiny hills if any. Next time I think I will scope out the course because from miles 1.5-4 were straight up hill. Not just a slight hill, like Antelope dip hill.
I struggled on the hills. My goal was to finish in 1 hour but once the hills caught up with me I thought o boy I am so out of shape lets shoot for hour and a half! (Plus i have MEGA shin splints that i can't even rub lotion on without them killing!)
we got to mile 3ish and there was a water stop and grab an orange slice. The water was NASTY! so I grabbed an orange slice to moisten my mouth. Bad idea! It made me So sick.
So anyway I finally finished! WOO! It was so fun to see all the people at each intersection cheering for me! There were so many volunteer missionaries and they were hilarious to run past. Jase caught me on the last stretch before the finish line and caught a few pics.
I finished in 1 hour 9 min (not as good as i originally wanted but I am still happy!)
and I got 99/250 (still not great but hey i was in top 100! woo

Here are some pics I will explain underneath each pic.!

Jase Kendyl and I after I finished! She didn't know what was going on but sure wanted my water bottle!

Jase barely missed me finishing cause he was getting Kendyl out of her seat.... but this pic was right after I finished

Here i am passing 2 runners! WOO

Running some more!

But seriously, if you have ever wanted to run a race and was always nervous, DO IT! I am in LOVE with them and they aren't scary! There is so much energy and excitement I promise you will finish!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The best chicken enchiladas

This week Jase is in Kansas. I decided I would come to Utah cause I missed my family and I couldn't work anyway so why not come on down. I haven't seen my Best Friend Jessica in so long, so I packed up Kendyl and headed to her house. We decided we wanted to make some chicken enchiladas. Her mom makes so good ones but they are too spicy for Jess. :) So she kinda just made up this recipe. We were so nervous to eat it, but it was so good I want to make them again this week!
Here is the recipe!
1 jar Alfredo sauce
2 cans green chili sauce
1 can cream of chicken soup
couple dashes of crushed red pepper
1 jalapeno chopped up

Boil your chicken and shred
coat the bottom of your pan with the "sauce"
spread chicken, sauce and some cheese in each tortilla
wrap up and place in pan. Pretty simple, so do i really need to explain it? When finished filling up your pan with enchiladas pour remaining sauce ALL over the top. It will look pretty soupy but this is good. Top with Cheese. (we used some cheddar and some mozzarella) Put in the oven at 350 for 30 min. Let cool and serve.

Thanks for letting me eat these Melba!