Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to Utah

Well where do I start!? Two weeks ago we left Jase in Idaho and kendyl and I moved back home so we could help his mom cook on the ranch. It was so fun to cool for Pauls groups. The first week we had attorneys and Management trainees! I got to see Eric Jacobsen, David Wright and so many other people. It was like a reunion. I was kind of worried to bring Kendyl to cook because during meetings we have to be so quiet, and every little noise it just echos through the lodge. Can you believe how good she was!? she just sat in her chair and watched us and was the PERFECT baby!

Then Bishop Mcmullin and Bishop Burton came up with their families, so Shawney took her on a mini pony ride!

then after 2 weeks of hard hard work we headed to Bear Lake with my family! It was so fun and we loved it! The water was so high and a little too cold for Kendyl so good thing we had a pool at our place!

We did lots of boating and Kendyl enjoyed it a lot. She is going to be a water baby and love it like I do!

But then the boat rocked her to sleep every time! It almost got to to point we went on boat rides just to make her take a nap.

So Jase and I took some pictures...

And then kendyl and I took so pictures on the beach!

We had a blast and Kendyl LOVED the sand! She gave herself a pedicure in it! We cannot wait to go again!

So anyway, we have all finally moved back to Ogden/Layton/wherever we can find a bed to stay in! We are officially living out of 3 suitcases and a laundry basket. My clothes never match, and I literally just grab whatever is on top. Despite this awkward living situation, I am thrilled to have my friendships back and be able to go see whoever whenever! So call me up and we can go on lunch dates, go swimming and the whole shabang!

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