Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Wow what a busy day! We celebrated up here in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. I personally think they have the best fireworks and the worst ideas on how to control traffic! Who shuts down the freeway entrance right after a firework show!?
Anyway, we started out by going to the Parade in Rexburg. It was really fun just LONG...and no chocolate milk this time! BOO! Kendyl didn't freak out at the firetrucks which I was surprised. She actually liked it and we made out with a haul on candy!

Ms Brylie and Kendyl always like to hug! They are seriously best friends!

Kendyl and I at the parade. Don't mind me, I had just ran there for my morning run. oh and that shirt and headband, totally made it, for her to later blow out her pants and get it clear up to her armpits. Its ruined now :(

Then after the parade we packed up and headed to the Ririe Lake just East of Idaho Falls. There we met up with The Bares and went boating! It was so fun but super hot waiting on the dock. And I was scared pantless since the day before they saw a HUGE water snake! I did however get in and wakeboard! I was in heaven! The water was freazing and would take your breath away when you fell.

Here we are boating! Kendyls lifejacket is HUGE! its so funny!

Jase, Kendyl and my feet! Oh and there is Darrin driving the boat!

Brylie and Kendyl, see told you they are best friends!

There we go!

Then we headed to Idaho falls and waited for the fireworks to start! They weren't as good as last year but they were still good! I was so excited for Kendyl cause I knew she would either be screaming for dear life, or have the time of her life. She just sat and stared in awe. We have no pictures in this event but i did video the fireworks so my mom and dad and trevor can see them! We missed them!

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  1. Tay! That looks like fun! I love Kendyl in her life jacket... to freaking cute!