Tuesday, July 5, 2011

you should read this

If your wanting some good blogs to read and follow, you should really check out these blogs.
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This is about a young boy that goes to North Layton jr. High. He has just the sweetest spirit and he is SO selfless! Instead of saying why me, he is looking at all the reasons of why not. When he could be out having a "normal" teenage summer with all his friends but can't because he is sick and because of germs and everything he is just awesome!
Also read this blog about Floppy hat Faye:
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This is just the sweetest little girl ever! I am still reading up on this one. Her and her family just moved to Texas, and a week after her mom had her baby brother she was diagnosed and sent to the childrens hospital which is 2 hours from their home. All of their family and friends are in Utah so they only have eachother to fight through this. She is just so dang cute in all of her "Floppy Hats!"
So read them and hug your family a little tighter because you never know when something like this can strike close to your home.

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