Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long update!

Can't believe once it gets warm here in Rexburg, How fast the time goes! It seems like finally (within the last week and a half) it has gotten warm. And since our place and The Garvins place was built without air conditioner, we are outside CONSTANTLY! Kendyl and their little girl Brylie are BEST FRIENDS! Seriously they have so much fun together and give eachother hugs, and Kendyl freaks when she see's Bry, she loves her! We are so excited to see how they act when they see eachother again next January. ( oh ps, were headed to Kansas and they are headed to Oklahoma)
So yesterday we headed to the brand new Rexburg pool. It was fun! Kendyl loves bath time, FREAKED when she got in the water. She clung onto me was crying, she HATED it! She clung onto me for so long I have a little sunburn line of her hand holding my shoulder! We stopped and just let her splash around and then she saw Brylie was loving it, then she was ok to not cling on anymore. It was hilarious! Then we went over to do more sunscreen for the babies, and we were taking pictures. Kendyl has been such a big girl sitting so good lately I thought for sure she would be ok to sit for a few quick pictures. Bad mom moment, she fell and hit her head on the cement! :( I just wanted to burst out in tears! (oh i should mention this place you can't sit on the lawn cause it was just layed and there are no lawn chairs there!) I learned my lesson to never let her sit alone on hard surfaces again. She is ok tho, just a little scrape but i was really worried! I think it more scared her!

She then she decided she had enough and she passed out and took a little nap.

So we took pictures of Brylie! ps, this girl is such a diva and she always matches! Kendyl and I are quite jealous!

Here they are just playing! this is seconds before she bumped her head!

So a few weeks ago we wanted to go to the Zoo in Idaho Falls. Jase quickly learned his bro in law Tyson and his fam was coming up to fish so he wanted to head out there. Good thing the weather turned bad because we felt so bad ditching Kody and Cami. So FINALLY we got to the Zoo! It was seriously so much fun! Its no hogle zoo but they do have their share of fun animals! We loved the monkey, he was showing off for us for a good 10 minutes! I love the sloth bear! They had a black swan, kangaroos, penguins, Lions, and supposedly a Tiger but for 2 years now we have yet to see him.

These are my new favorite! Seriously I just love their hair!

So anyway, My last day of work is the 8th, and I have to be up on the ranch starting the 11th to start cooking for 2 weeks. That means this house has to be packed and ready to go by then. Have I started? no Am i stressing? YES! I have no idea what to take, what to leave, where to get cheap packing tape. you name it, Im stressing! So Im off to go pack!

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  1. Kendyl is so cute!! You guys move so much! I don't know how you do it!