Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slow cooker Turkey Chili

I found this recipe and we tried it out last week. It was so good, so easy so were having it AGAIN this week!
1 Pound turkey sausage (if you like it spicey get hot!)
-ps my grocery store is remodleing and didn't have it so I just used ground turkey and it was fine
15 oz canned pinto beans, undrained
14.5 oz can diced tomatos with green chilis undrained
14.5 oz can diced tomatos with garlic and onions undrained
1 meadium uncooked onion, diced
1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper
* i also added a dash of crushed red pepper and a dash of chipotle tabasco sauce.

Anyway all you do is put all the items in the crock pot for a few hours. For the last hour cook the ssusage and throw in there.
This is so good and so easy so just try it out. Also, its great for a cold snowy day! AND its pretty healthy.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I took some pics of Jases sisters new baby. Remember I am still learning and I am no pro so dont judge to harshly. These really are for her to see the progress of my editing so she doesn't have to wait for a while for me to get them all done.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

passing out...

I am in the midst of frustration, being totally scared, and confusion all at the same time. Lets start from the beginning in fast mode. From as long as I can remember I have been getting lightheaded whenever I stand up. I ask people and they say "Yea it happens to me too." So of course I think nothing of it. I just stand up, lean over and let it pass then Im good as new. Inside I really didn't think it was normal for this to be happening 5+ times a day. People kept assuring me it was normal.
This lightheadedness comes and goes so sometimes I can go a couple weeks with no problems then it hits me for months at a time where its 10+ times a day. Again I just lean over, let it pass and on with it. Well Tuesday was a different story.
I had eaten breakfast and was waiting for Kendyl to finish so I sat on the couch and watched price is right. She was finished about 5 minutes later and I went to get her. I stood up with no feeling, walked over there with no feeling, picked her up and BAM! I frantically without being able to see tried to feel for a wall to brace myself. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the ground with her on top of me. It was a pretty hard fall, as in 2 days later I still have a kinked neck and my head still hurts. I went to the doctor where I got xrays, EKG, urine, blood and blood pressure testing all done. Here are my results: Drink more water and add salt to your diet!
I have to say I was more frustrated after hearing this than not knowing what was going on. Reason being, I drink tons of water and all my food is pretty salty. So faithfully I made a point to drink extra water and actually add salt to each meal.
Well this morning I woke up, ate my breakfast, again waited for Kendyl to finish her breakfast. Got up to get her, and before I even got to the kitchen (seriously 8 steps away) I got lightheaded but found a wall. Next I knew I was waking up on the floor. Must have hit pretty hard again because I knew rug burn on my knee and my headache is back.
I am seriously so frustrated because passing out is the next level. I could deal with the being lightheaded. Passing out I can't. I am home alone til at least 2 everyday. I have a baby here I am supposed to be taking care of. When I fell with her in my arms it scared me. I cried for probably an hour. I am so thankful she stayed on top and wasn't hurt a bit. I am scared because honestly, I have no idea how long im "out" for.
Here is my plea....if anybody knows anyone with any similar symptoms PLEASE let me know. I am determined to figure this out asap. Thank you! PS, no im not pregnant since that seems to be the first question EVERYBODY asks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid January

Here we are in the middle of January and there is yet to be any snow. Good news-its supposed to snow tonight! The wind is pretty chilly and strong and we freeze our noses off each time we go out.
Jase is still up to his neck with homework. He is pretty busy with crazy hard classes. Sometimes I look at his homework and I personally think his professors are nuts! On his off time or break time he loves to do gun stuff. Did I mention his reloading bench is in our bedroom!? If that's not redneck.... He is still a hungry boy that loves to eat constantly. He also is addicted to hummus lately.
Kendyl is growing bigger each day. She is starting to walk a lot more like a big girl. This is meaning her legs are closer together and her arms don't flop all over to balance her. I am thinking more and more each day that she needs a little trimming. I am hoping it will help tame the whispyness. An added bonus is we don't have to keep moving her bangs out of her eyes. Her favorite thing to do is splash in the tub. Not just little splashes, its more like she picks the water up and throws it across the room. She loves to say pretty and loves her new necklaces.

As for me, I'm still the same. I love to look on pinterest and try to have crafting hour during Kendyls nap. I also fit in vacuuming, laundry, dishes, showering and anything else you can think of. I am still doing p90x but since its my second round I'm not as adamant of doing it every single day. I am starting to train for running season so when I skip I am at the gym running my heart out. I am a fan of the new BYU-Idahos gym, and here's a perk-Its FREE! My month of no baked goods or real ice cream is going good. I just keep thinking a little bit more longer. Pinterest has me full on what I want to bake and eat first.

Well here are just 3 pictures of what we have been up to lately!

Kendyl loves her animals so we had circle time with her fun furry friends!

I absolutely love this outfit on Kendyl. She just looks like a little lamby!

Everybody meet Les! This is Kendyls horse that she LOVES to ride and dance to. He has his own stall between the TV and wall. She loves her horse and were glad he doesn't use the bathroom or has to be fed often!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaway on a sweet blog

I seriously love chef-n-training.blogspot.com! whenever I am trying to think up new dinners or I am in the mood for something good to bake, this is always my go-to site. Seriously check it out. While your there enter to win her memory suite giveaway. Have you ever tried scrapbooking with a curious little girl or boy around that tries to do everything you are doing? Hardest thing in the world! This is all done on your computer then you just print them or have them made into a book all while clicking a mouse! seriously, go enter!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Idaho Begins yet again...

Here we are again for our 3rd year up here. Who said a bachelors degree ONLY took 4 years? I guess it would if you took all the right classes in the first place, didn't transfer schools, and all your credits transfered with no hassle! Anyway Jase is officially in his Senior year and we are SO happy. He would think otherwise with his 19 credit hours. Not easy credit hours, were talking organic chemistry, Weed Ecology, Soils, Family foundations and of course...Wildlife law and enforcement.

Our new humble abode is so cute and homey! It practically brand spankin new. Did I mention I LOVE the brand new front loading washer and dryer. I am just finding things to wash. Our bedroom is a little small, but wasn't small enough for Jase to put his gun reloading work bench in there. Yes, Im sleeping with ammo and powder and bullets and the whole shabang {pictures will come as soon as I unpack and take pictures}.

The weather surprisingly isn't -13. Instead, just like Utah we have been pretty warm. Still too cold to go out running. My lungs kill under 50 degrees. We have WONDERFUL neighbors, they are pretty much our best friends. Their little girl and Kendyl LOVE each other.

Speaking of Kendyl, she LOVES to just walk now. All she does is walk from room to room saying "Doggie" and "Dad". She is the sweetest little thing and were so happy she is feeling better. Turns out she had ecoli from such bad diarrhea. {no, she didn't eat it, it just got backed up} She still loves rolls, beans and bananas. She still loves to dance every chance she hears a beat. She is a little Diva.

Anyway, all in all, Im actually kinda excited to be here in Rexburg. I just wish the bitter cold would come and go and get on with summer!