Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Idaho Begins yet again...

Here we are again for our 3rd year up here. Who said a bachelors degree ONLY took 4 years? I guess it would if you took all the right classes in the first place, didn't transfer schools, and all your credits transfered with no hassle! Anyway Jase is officially in his Senior year and we are SO happy. He would think otherwise with his 19 credit hours. Not easy credit hours, were talking organic chemistry, Weed Ecology, Soils, Family foundations and of course...Wildlife law and enforcement.

Our new humble abode is so cute and homey! It practically brand spankin new. Did I mention I LOVE the brand new front loading washer and dryer. I am just finding things to wash. Our bedroom is a little small, but wasn't small enough for Jase to put his gun reloading work bench in there. Yes, Im sleeping with ammo and powder and bullets and the whole shabang {pictures will come as soon as I unpack and take pictures}.

The weather surprisingly isn't -13. Instead, just like Utah we have been pretty warm. Still too cold to go out running. My lungs kill under 50 degrees. We have WONDERFUL neighbors, they are pretty much our best friends. Their little girl and Kendyl LOVE each other.

Speaking of Kendyl, she LOVES to just walk now. All she does is walk from room to room saying "Doggie" and "Dad". She is the sweetest little thing and were so happy she is feeling better. Turns out she had ecoli from such bad diarrhea. {no, she didn't eat it, it just got backed up} She still loves rolls, beans and bananas. She still loves to dance every chance she hears a beat. She is a little Diva.

Anyway, all in all, Im actually kinda excited to be here in Rexburg. I just wish the bitter cold would come and go and get on with summer!

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  1. Poor kendyl! I just read the post before. Next time I go up to Idaho well have to see each other!