Thursday, January 26, 2012

passing out...

I am in the midst of frustration, being totally scared, and confusion all at the same time. Lets start from the beginning in fast mode. From as long as I can remember I have been getting lightheaded whenever I stand up. I ask people and they say "Yea it happens to me too." So of course I think nothing of it. I just stand up, lean over and let it pass then Im good as new. Inside I really didn't think it was normal for this to be happening 5+ times a day. People kept assuring me it was normal.
This lightheadedness comes and goes so sometimes I can go a couple weeks with no problems then it hits me for months at a time where its 10+ times a day. Again I just lean over, let it pass and on with it. Well Tuesday was a different story.
I had eaten breakfast and was waiting for Kendyl to finish so I sat on the couch and watched price is right. She was finished about 5 minutes later and I went to get her. I stood up with no feeling, walked over there with no feeling, picked her up and BAM! I frantically without being able to see tried to feel for a wall to brace myself. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the ground with her on top of me. It was a pretty hard fall, as in 2 days later I still have a kinked neck and my head still hurts. I went to the doctor where I got xrays, EKG, urine, blood and blood pressure testing all done. Here are my results: Drink more water and add salt to your diet!
I have to say I was more frustrated after hearing this than not knowing what was going on. Reason being, I drink tons of water and all my food is pretty salty. So faithfully I made a point to drink extra water and actually add salt to each meal.
Well this morning I woke up, ate my breakfast, again waited for Kendyl to finish her breakfast. Got up to get her, and before I even got to the kitchen (seriously 8 steps away) I got lightheaded but found a wall. Next I knew I was waking up on the floor. Must have hit pretty hard again because I knew rug burn on my knee and my headache is back.
I am seriously so frustrated because passing out is the next level. I could deal with the being lightheaded. Passing out I can't. I am home alone til at least 2 everyday. I have a baby here I am supposed to be taking care of. When I fell with her in my arms it scared me. I cried for probably an hour. I am so thankful she stayed on top and wasn't hurt a bit. I am scared because honestly, I have no idea how long im "out" for.
Here is my plea....if anybody knows anyone with any similar symptoms PLEASE let me know. I am determined to figure this out asap. Thank you! PS, no im not pregnant since that seems to be the first question EVERYBODY asks!


  1. Thats gotta be so frustrating! Your dr didn't say anything about Iron? I am the same way (but not as bad as you) and my dr says I need more iron and I just need to get up slower. I hope they/you figure out whats going on! Get some iron pills! lol

  2. That's so scary Tay! Hope you figure things out! :(