Friday, November 22, 2013

Disney Christmas party

Well, we FINALLY got to take Kendyl to Disney World.  We went to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! Im telling ya, this is the way to do Disney!  Plus you get all the free Hot Chocolate and cookies you want!  This year we got rained on the entire time.  Good thing it wasnt a down pour, just a steady rain.  Since we were at disney, the rain was magical, and i have never enjoyed getting rained on until this day!
Kendyl about died in excitement!  During the parade I thought her arm was going to fly off from her waving so hard at all the characters.  Her favorite ride was the carousel.  When we were getting off she turned and laughed and said, my horse just pooped!  (what the!?) 
She was a little scared of Belle at first but then warmed right up to her.  Our favorite was when she ran and gave Minnie the BIGGEST hug!  Seriously it could have been a commercial! 
We rode a few rides and met a few characters. We watched the parade, the castle light show then the fireworks.  I of course had to ride space mountain...solo!  It still makes me giggle.  I secretly think Jase had the time of his life, even though he wont admit it.  Easton was a trooper and just soaked it all in! 
We didn't even get to do everything we wanted to do.  I already cannot wait until we go back!  After all, we have to soak it all in while we live close! 
So here is our trip in pictures!
                                                        First arriving to the castle!
                                                    After Kendyl warmed up to Belle.  She was Chip in the play.
                                                     Jase was a guard.....he knows he loved it!
                                                   Kendyls magical minnie mouse moment
                                          I was star struck and a little teary eyed myself
                                             kendyl on the carousel...that is her horse that pooped.
                                                    Here was Easton being a trooper!
                                                 Castle Transformation

Us on Main Street.  AHHH we love Christmas

Thursday, October 17, 2013

One month update

I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to have the family and friends that I have.  We were granted a good week with my mom in town taking care of us, then Jases parents.  Kendyl misses having pals to play with and have sleepovers in her room.  My neighbors here are amazing and are always quick to make sure im still sane in the blue house. 
Easton (Figaro as Kendyl is adament his name is) has colic or something like that.  He may have a milk allergy, but it has not been "diagnosed" but for the mean time im off dairy.  Oh how I miss my morning cereal!  All we know is he likes to cry.  Other than the crying, we love the little guy and we think he is so cute and a perfect fit into our family!  Kendyl loves the heck out of him and loves to give him hugs and kisses.  She also loves to wake him up, because I guess having a quiet house is not up her alley.  Me on the other hand, I feel like I get a fresh breath when its quiet....unless its too quiet, then I know miss bug is into something she isn't supposed to be.
I hate to admit but Kendyl has been watching a little more tv than I would like her to.  Heck, I am too.  Something to help drain the crying noise, and the nonstop feedings!  Im lucky to get a shower.  I struggle during quiet time if i should shower, clean, rest, do dishes, wash clothes, etc.  Im lucky to get one chore done a day, whether its a load or two of laundry to getting us breakfast lunch and dinner at a decent time.  Seriously, how people have twins or more than 2 kids or kids super super close in age, I have no idea.  Maybe Im missing to secret.  If you have it, pass it this way. 
Easton is a little piggy and weighs in at 10 lbs 3 oz at his 1 month check. I have no idea what percentile that is because my doc said as long as its going up thats all i really care about.  I do know its somewhere around 50%tile.  I love her pediatrician.
We were also able to get our pictures taken by the INCREDIBLE Renee Jacobsen Photography.  She did such an amazing job.  Money well spent!  Seriously Florida friends, get on her! 
Oh and....its time to say goodbye to our blue smurf house.  Im a little sad to say goodbye.  Im a lot happy toget more space.  Kendyl HATES the idea of leaving the blue house and wants nothing to do with it.  As bad as this house sticks out as a sore thumb, I secretly hope they never paint it back to a color that isn't so....out there. 
Jase and I are doing great.  He is busy working and hunting.  Im busy being a mom.  I just signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World.  I am beyond excited.  I chose my princess to be Ariel.  Now if I can only find the time to train!  :)
Below are just 4 of our pictures....

Monday, September 16, 2013

Easton Archer

Easton Archer
September 8 2013
These past 9 months have flown by if i look back on it.  During, not so much.  Throwing up daily, heartburn, aches, tiredness, the whole 9 yards. Pregnancy is NOT for me. I am so glad it is over! It makes it all worth it though right?!
So Thursday September 5th I had my 39 week appointment. I was just ready to be done. Lets be honest, Kendyl was born already.  I had the Dr strip my membranes and I understand it either works or it doesnt within 24 hours.  I didn't even have as much as a single cramp after. I thought I would be pregnant forever! I was telling people I was going to give birth to a toddler. UGH!
Friday went by, Saturday went by, went to bed all ready for church the next day.  I was woken up at 4:30 am from a  mild contraction.  The next one came 10 minutes later....this went on about 4 or 5 times then I decided I had to pee. Then I couldn't sleep, so I was getting Kendyls church clothes all laid out when BAM a contraction hit me like a ton of brick. 2 minutes later...there was another one. Again and again i let this go on for about 10 minutes. I woke Jase up and told him I was going to take a bath to calm these down but that I thought it was time. I didn't evenget to dip my toes in the water before Jase said get ready were going from me screaming cause I hurt so bad. 
We threw what we could in the car, and drove Kendyl to the sweetest neighbors house ever, Tarah's! (I owe her beyond belief). We left our neighborhood at 6:33 and Jase was literally driving 100 mph. We called the hospital and said get the dr there now! The hospital is about 30 minutes away, without traffic and the awful long stoplights. How we didnt get stopped at a single light ill never know!
We got to the hospital and I was screaming to get me an epidural. The nurse checked me and said sorry, your a 9, no epidural for you! I broke down and started crying and telling them that I didn't even read about a non epidural birth and that I didn't know how.  It didn't convince them.
The nurse grabbed one of the doctors that was there to stand in the room until my Dr got there. All the while, nurses were drying the barely mopped floor, throwing things together and trying to get me not to push. (There is NO stopping the urge to push!).
My fabulous Dr came in and immediatly got to work.  Jase was busy fanning me because I was sweating like a crazy lady. All of a sudden at 7:30 on the dot our baby Easton was born!  ALL NATURAL BABY!! woo!  And to top it off, all that crazy pain was gone!  He was healthy as an ox.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 3oz and 20 inches long.  I actually got to hold him unlike Kendyl! 
He ended up having Jaundice so he had to go under the lights just like his big sister.  I handled it a lot better this time around.  We were released and all got to come home together!
 This is the amazing Dr. Tobia!  I am so glad he was my dr that delivered the little man.
 Kendyl was so excited to meet him.  She said ohhh he is so cute!  Then immediatly asked if I could play barbies now! (I guess I was a lousy barbie player the past couple weeks). She also picked him out a birthday cake, we sang happy birthday and ate ourselves happy!
 This is right after giving birth! Dont mind my nasty sweaty bed head hair!  :)
 Here he is!
Kendyl is such a proud and happy big sister.  She said he doesn't have to sleep on the porch anymore!  She also is convinced his name is Easton Figaro!? 

We are all adjusting to life with 4 at home.  Between the no sleep, constant feedings, bug still grasping potty training, deer hunt opener and shipping season, were learning!  Were So happy our MIMI could be here to help us out! thanks mom!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going private

Ever since my ever so famous giraffe(the one where I'm photo bombed and I have a thousand chins) photo made it very public around the country I've decided to go  private.  Please don't be scared to leave your email. I don't care if we have never met, but if your read this blog just leave your email! I just don't want any creepers! Thanks! I will make the change before my next post.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Utah part 1

We have been having a blast in Utah. I cannot believe it has been going by so fast.  I am so happy I chose to come earlier then I originally thought.  We have spent many days at the pool, at the park, eating ice cream, going to fireworks, and hanging out with family. Kendyl loves hanging out with the dogs and I think its safe to say that Baxter is her favorite.  Poor dog is miserable with being mauled by her, but he is a trooper and hides only half the day. 
Here are a few things we have been up to lately thanks to instagram.
 Kendyl got these awesome straw glasses.  She has the hardest time drinking, so anything that helps her to drink I am all for it. She loves strawberry milk through these!
 I have loved playing with my most amazing friends.  Were growing up so fast! :)  These girls are irreplaceable and I often miss them so much!
 While Kendyl and I were here in June, Jase stayed in Florida and worked his hiney off.  All the boys decided to go fishing and he caught some sharks!  Im beyond jealous.  Kick off to shark week!
 Kendyl loves to look at pictures of the temple so I decided to take her to the cream of the crop.  She loves the castle, smelling the flowers and walking around. 
While here Jase and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Im such a blast to be with these days so we just went to Cheesecake Factory.  We walked around city creek and he even took me to Tiffanys.  Can you believe I found NOTHING to buy?  Im so ready to get out of this slump.
 I think my moms favorite thing she has done with Kendyl is going to feed the ducks.  Im sure the ducks loved all the yummy bread.  Layton park will go down in history as being a stick in the mud!

As far as pregnancy goes....Im over it!  My nausea is coming back!  waaaa!  Im so beyond uncomfortable. 
HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks
SYMPTOMS:  no sleep due to my hips killing and it being so hot. Nausea is back. Heart Burn is awful.  Still have a hard time wearing a bra, or any tight clothing. I get tired quick. My right leg is started to swell on a daily basis.
CRAVINGS:  cheeseburgers, celery, peppermint salt water taffy.
NAMES: We have 2 we like but aren't set on.  So if you have some cute name ideas, any at all, send them my way.  Im convinced we might have a name by blessing day, if that.
BIG SISTER:  She is still convinced she has a girl baby in her tummy.  She doesn't want a brother to come live with her and she thinks his name should just be baby.  I do think she will warm up to him once she sees him.  She is so good tho and still tells me to be brave when im barfing.  She is ready for me to not be a whale anymore.  Me too Kendyl, Im over this! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

beach and part 2

My little miss bug is in love with the beach.  Everyday when we wake up she asks to go to the beach.  She loves to build sand castles, and sometimes play in the water.  She loves to ride her "boat" (boogie board).  She is quick to let us know when the tide is coming in by yelling...HURRY the tide is coming in!  She loves to find seashells.  She loves to pick out her swimming suit for the day and flip flops to match.  Mom and Dad LOVE the after nap!

Grace, Kendyl and Deklan all playing at the beach

Part 2 of this post....Were headed to Utah for 7 weeks!  Jase will be so busy the whole month of June so him and everybody else talked us into going to utah the beginning of June.  Then he will fly out end of June for seminar to meet us then we will all come home together!  While we are in Utah we want to do so much now that Kendyl is a little older to take it all in.  First up, Swimming Lessons!  She informed me the other morning she wants to learn how to swim like a gator.  If that doesnt scream we live in Florida i dont know what else does.  She is so excited to see her grandmas and grandpas and all the animals.  Were excited to go and lay in the grass and not worry about fire ants.  Jumping on the tramp.  And the food!  I have missed those little restaurants I grew up eating.  I don't know if I want in n out, costa vida, Kneaders, red robin, taco time, ahhh.  I guess its the little things that I miss most. 
So, ready or not, here we come!  Time to start packing right!?

Friday, May 10, 2013

22 weeks

22 weeks
is not flying by
On my birthday we got to go into the Dr and find out what we were having.  Jases guess was he didn't know.  Kendyl was adamant I had a boy in my belly and she had a girl in hers.  I didn't know, but deep down I KNEW for sure it was a girl. 
To say I wasnt in shock was an understatement because I so was in shock. 
At 22 weeks I have gained 6 pounds.  So much less then I was at with Kendyl, but Im so much bigger already. 
Im still on my anti nausea medicine everyday.  i am feeling better though if I stay on top of it.   I crave blue raspberry dum dum suckers and lemon heads.  Not to mention hamburgers and french fries.  Im not digging the cookies, cake and ice cream so thats a plus right?
Jase is so excited for the camo and sports and guns with his little guy.  Can I put it out there that I hate camo? I am so excited for a little baseball player though.  Kendyl loves little babies and is always helping other kids out.  She is also very good at taking care of her toys, making sure they are warm and fed.  She is going to be an amazing big sister and I am so excited for her to get to have a chance at this! 
Now to get through this already hot summer.  Bring on the swollen feet, sweaty pits, afternoon naps and 2nd breakfasts!  ugh, I hate being pregnant!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Im Losing It

ok folks, Im honestly losing it!  Can we call it pregnancy brain or is my brain just going through a sneeze?  I have a few stories....and Im sure I will have many many more to add!

For starters my number one thing i ALWAYS forget is to turn off my straightner.  I cannot count the amount of times I have had to turn around and come home because I honestly have no recollection of turning it off.  Since my family is cursed with things burning down, I have driven 45 miles to go back to check.  9 times out of 10 it is off though in my defense!
To follow with this story I have been working really hard on remembering to tunr it off before I leave.  Yesterday I was finished with it, TURNED IT OFF (i actually remembered) and left.  Then i started to psyche myself out if i had or not.  I was a house away for only a few minutes so the second I got home I checked and sure enough it was off.  Woo Hoo!  Anyway we were meeting some friends in town to go to dinner and so when Jase got home he hurried and jumped in the shower.  As soon as he got out he screamed and said you trying to fry your straightner?  *Side note, our sink drains beyond slow*  Somehow, The water was on, sink was full and my straightner was on...fully emerged in water!  I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF HOW THIS HAPPENED!  For freaking real?  It is now sitting in rice and Im praying it still works!

Second story, I was driving to town today switching through all my radio stations trying to find a song to sing with Kendyl.  Which then got me thinking, I need to bring my little  cds into here so I can sing songs I love!  I was looking and looking for where cds actually go in my car.  i was shocked that i didn't have one!  I called my mom and we were shocked and figured well, new cars are turning to Ipod docks etc.  Full on conversation!  I pull into my parking spot, go to get out and behold, there it is, I DO have a cd player in my car.  I felt so dumb calling her back to tell her.  I think she is worried about me, 3000 miles away, driving her grand daughter around.  I assure you she has been safe!

Maybe I just need a nap!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Change my groove

Ok I have no idea how to change the size of these pictures.  So just enjoy!

Our lives have been super busy but I have yet to leave my house.  Last week jase was at work by 6 am then he wouldn't get home until 9:30 or 10 each night. My nausea was back full force and Kendyl has about had it watching tv.  I'm so glad she has a good imagination because she became a pirate, fairy, baby, chef, a kangaroo, you name it she imagined she was that.  As cute as they all were, her pirate spiff was my favorite.  She was captain Kendyl and went around saying ahoy and aye aye mateys!
She is trying to give up naps and I can't decide if I am a fan or not. Come bed time she goes right to sleep and climbs in bed like she owns the place.  Come 5 or 6 she is so sleep deprived she gets a good time out.   Either way, she is a good kid and my little partner in crime. She takes good care of me and makes sure I'm happy and not sick.
We are so ready for jase to have a day off. It seems that on his days off it is either really windy or rainy. I'm ready to get out of our house and enjoy Florida. I'm far too pale to be living in this tropical weather.  We're ready for the swimming hole to open!  I miss sea world. I'm dying to feel well enough to go.
While sitting around feeling ill I've become VERY Utah sick. Don't get me wrong, I love it here!  I love those amazing people taking care of me.  I guess I just need my moms help and johns unlimited supply of Popsicles! My friends are having babies that who knows when I will get to meet them and my BFF is getting married.
Ok I'm over my pity party, I'm going to go put on my shorts, flip flops, and head to town. Maybe read a book outside and catch some rays :)

Friday, March 8, 2013



Well, the cats out of the bag! Little Kendyl bug is going to be a BIG SISTER!  I would love to say she is beyond excited but in all honesty, I don't think she really knows.  Plus when this baby does come, I think it might rock her world, even though her world is being rocked right now! 

So, Im 13 weeks along now and due September 12, 2013.  Like I was with Kendyl, Im BEYOND sick.  I would dare say Im sicker this time then I was with her, and she was bad.  I have gone in 7 times now to get IV fluids for rehydration.  SEVEN!!  I am beyond thankful for those here on the ranch that have bent over backward to help me out.  From pretty much raising Kendyl, to sitting with me during infusions, to making me food and picking up my few groceries since I havent been in weeks.  Poor Jase and Kendyl are starting to get creative on what to eat.  Jase always says im lucky the fish are free to catch.  I always say Im lucky we have a camp chef and he can cook them outside!

Kendyl has been a trooper with a sick sick mom.  She is always quick to ask if im feeling ok. She says, you happy now?  Then when I am barfing up everything including my intestines, gizzards etc, she is quick to come check on me, hug me, wipe my tears and say "Be Brave Mom."  This in turn makes me cry a whole lot harder with how sweet she truly is.  She has watched every movie we own multiple times and even lets me pick a few shows.  As long as it is Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty or Ellen.  We love to laugh together, because in that little moment, all is well. 

At 13 weeks I have lost 9 pounds.  My pants fit great, but I think Im tired of losing weight!  The only thing I think I have craved is water with lemon in it and blue raspberry dum dum suckers.  I have adversions to EVERYTHING, even doing the dishes, so dont come visit me anytime soon.  I secretly despise those who "LOVE to be pregnant" and "feel like they are glowing" and "concerned they havent had morning sickness yet."  For real....for freaking real?

Until next time....Ill be in the bathroom!  

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Merry Christmas!  I'm glad this is all coming at the end of Jan!  Better late than never right?  Again, we cannot say it enough, Florida is BEAUTIFUL!  This Christmas season was everything I ever dreamed of.  No snow, wearing t shirts, Disney, and getting spoiled.  We did however miss our family and friends ever so much. 
A little overview.  Jessica  Bird my BFF came to visit and we kicked off the Christmas season by celebrating with Mickey!  No lie, one of the top 5 favorite times of my life.  We got to go in "after hours" where there were no lines, characters, free cookies and cocoa, and it even snowed on Main Street.  We got home at about 2 am to turn around and take Bird to the airport at like 5 ish in the morning.  Again, so worth it! 
We then had so many parties.  The Relief Society Christmas Dinner, the ever famous Ranch Party and the Ward Christmas party, then our friends Christmas party!  We were busy.  The Ranch party was so much fun.  We literally ate like ten steaks.  I totally lie, but between Kate and I, we had like 3 plates of food.  This is the night Kendyl got to meet Santa.  I think she liked him, what do you think?  That face was a blood curdling scream that literally was heard for miles!
 My pictures are in a very very random order and Im not fixing them right now, so sorry!
Jase finally had his dream come true on I think new years eve eve?  He got me to go deer hunting with him.  Not gonna lie, I spotted this buck, told him to shoot and he was ever so happy.  He however will think twice to ever take me in a deer stand to sit quietly for hours.  That was pretty boring!  Im proud of his deer tho, so Good job Jase!
 This next pic is of course of the Mickeys very Merry Christmas Party.  We got to meet Ariel and we were star struck.  Go figure, were 23 and 25 years old!  We stuffed ourselves on the best funnel cake and a giant coke!  Im literally counting down the days til next year!
 This next pic is of me and my buggy..... its a picture of a picture, sorry for the glare!  just have to show off my December tan! 
 So, since Jase was working on the calving unit he got to meet all the babies first hand.  Its my favorite time of year.  Friends, meet sunny, a blind calf that Kendyl named.  She was so sweet. 
 Next comes our first ever Christmas tree.  jase requested a real tree for the smell...gotta be honest, didn't smell it once.  It was still fun though. Kendyl got to decorate most of it.  Then she got 2 special ornaments this year.  She got a Minnie Mouse and a Sea World Whale.  Speaking of whales.  She is always looking at size and names them baby, mommy and daddy.  Well she knows was a baby and a momma dolphin are...and a daddy dolphin is a whale my friends.  She claims she dreams about them every night.  I'm so happy my parents got us a Sea World pass for the year.  We will be spending much time there!
 Here are all our gifts, spoiled as can be.  But poor Jase just got that gun and his boots.  He has expensive taste.  I also learned if I don't ask for anything all I will get is cash.  I spent it on an Ipad and a treadmill.
 Kendyl got so spoiled with Minnie Mouse stuff.  This little outfit is from her Uncle Trevor.  She loves it.
 Here she is with her minnie toys, minnie hat, minnie watch, minnie dress, minnie bath toys and minnie slippers...... oh minnie! 
We hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas this year.  We sure did!  Thank you to everyone who sent gifts, cards texts and calls!  We loved them so so so much!