Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Utah part 1

We have been having a blast in Utah. I cannot believe it has been going by so fast.  I am so happy I chose to come earlier then I originally thought.  We have spent many days at the pool, at the park, eating ice cream, going to fireworks, and hanging out with family. Kendyl loves hanging out with the dogs and I think its safe to say that Baxter is her favorite.  Poor dog is miserable with being mauled by her, but he is a trooper and hides only half the day. 
Here are a few things we have been up to lately thanks to instagram.
 Kendyl got these awesome straw glasses.  She has the hardest time drinking, so anything that helps her to drink I am all for it. She loves strawberry milk through these!
 I have loved playing with my most amazing friends.  Were growing up so fast! :)  These girls are irreplaceable and I often miss them so much!
 While Kendyl and I were here in June, Jase stayed in Florida and worked his hiney off.  All the boys decided to go fishing and he caught some sharks!  Im beyond jealous.  Kick off to shark week!
 Kendyl loves to look at pictures of the temple so I decided to take her to the cream of the crop.  She loves the castle, smelling the flowers and walking around. 
While here Jase and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Im such a blast to be with these days so we just went to Cheesecake Factory.  We walked around city creek and he even took me to Tiffanys.  Can you believe I found NOTHING to buy?  Im so ready to get out of this slump.
 I think my moms favorite thing she has done with Kendyl is going to feed the ducks.  Im sure the ducks loved all the yummy bread.  Layton park will go down in history as being a stick in the mud!

As far as pregnancy goes....Im over it!  My nausea is coming back!  waaaa!  Im so beyond uncomfortable. 
HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks
SYMPTOMS:  no sleep due to my hips killing and it being so hot. Nausea is back. Heart Burn is awful.  Still have a hard time wearing a bra, or any tight clothing. I get tired quick. My right leg is started to swell on a daily basis.
CRAVINGS:  cheeseburgers, celery, peppermint salt water taffy.
NAMES: We have 2 we like but aren't set on.  So if you have some cute name ideas, any at all, send them my way.  Im convinced we might have a name by blessing day, if that.
BIG SISTER:  She is still convinced she has a girl baby in her tummy.  She doesn't want a brother to come live with her and she thinks his name should just be baby.  I do think she will warm up to him once she sees him.  She is so good tho and still tells me to be brave when im barfing.  She is ready for me to not be a whale anymore.  Me too Kendyl, Im over this! 

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  1. I cant believe you are 32 weeks! Hang in there Tay, I HATED the end, I had everything you had, the hips were seriously the worst! Im so sorry! It is worth it, I promise!