Thursday, May 30, 2013

beach and part 2

My little miss bug is in love with the beach.  Everyday when we wake up she asks to go to the beach.  She loves to build sand castles, and sometimes play in the water.  She loves to ride her "boat" (boogie board).  She is quick to let us know when the tide is coming in by yelling...HURRY the tide is coming in!  She loves to find seashells.  She loves to pick out her swimming suit for the day and flip flops to match.  Mom and Dad LOVE the after nap!

Grace, Kendyl and Deklan all playing at the beach

Part 2 of this post....Were headed to Utah for 7 weeks!  Jase will be so busy the whole month of June so him and everybody else talked us into going to utah the beginning of June.  Then he will fly out end of June for seminar to meet us then we will all come home together!  While we are in Utah we want to do so much now that Kendyl is a little older to take it all in.  First up, Swimming Lessons!  She informed me the other morning she wants to learn how to swim like a gator.  If that doesnt scream we live in Florida i dont know what else does.  She is so excited to see her grandmas and grandpas and all the animals.  Were excited to go and lay in the grass and not worry about fire ants.  Jumping on the tramp.  And the food!  I have missed those little restaurants I grew up eating.  I don't know if I want in n out, costa vida, Kneaders, red robin, taco time, ahhh.  I guess its the little things that I miss most. 
So, ready or not, here we come!  Time to start packing right!?

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