Friday, May 10, 2013

22 weeks

22 weeks
is not flying by
On my birthday we got to go into the Dr and find out what we were having.  Jases guess was he didn't know.  Kendyl was adamant I had a boy in my belly and she had a girl in hers.  I didn't know, but deep down I KNEW for sure it was a girl. 
To say I wasnt in shock was an understatement because I so was in shock. 
At 22 weeks I have gained 6 pounds.  So much less then I was at with Kendyl, but Im so much bigger already. 
Im still on my anti nausea medicine everyday.  i am feeling better though if I stay on top of it.   I crave blue raspberry dum dum suckers and lemon heads.  Not to mention hamburgers and french fries.  Im not digging the cookies, cake and ice cream so thats a plus right?
Jase is so excited for the camo and sports and guns with his little guy.  Can I put it out there that I hate camo? I am so excited for a little baseball player though.  Kendyl loves little babies and is always helping other kids out.  She is also very good at taking care of her toys, making sure they are warm and fed.  She is going to be an amazing big sister and I am so excited for her to get to have a chance at this! 
Now to get through this already hot summer.  Bring on the swollen feet, sweaty pits, afternoon naps and 2nd breakfasts!  ugh, I hate being pregnant!


  1. Tay! You look so cute! I am so happy for you, boys are so fun and it will be so fun having one of each! Hear Hear, being pregnant sucks, SOOOOO bad! Good luck my friend!