Saturday, April 6, 2013

Im Losing It

ok folks, Im honestly losing it!  Can we call it pregnancy brain or is my brain just going through a sneeze?  I have a few stories....and Im sure I will have many many more to add!

For starters my number one thing i ALWAYS forget is to turn off my straightner.  I cannot count the amount of times I have had to turn around and come home because I honestly have no recollection of turning it off.  Since my family is cursed with things burning down, I have driven 45 miles to go back to check.  9 times out of 10 it is off though in my defense!
To follow with this story I have been working really hard on remembering to tunr it off before I leave.  Yesterday I was finished with it, TURNED IT OFF (i actually remembered) and left.  Then i started to psyche myself out if i had or not.  I was a house away for only a few minutes so the second I got home I checked and sure enough it was off.  Woo Hoo!  Anyway we were meeting some friends in town to go to dinner and so when Jase got home he hurried and jumped in the shower.  As soon as he got out he screamed and said you trying to fry your straightner?  *Side note, our sink drains beyond slow*  Somehow, The water was on, sink was full and my straightner was on...fully emerged in water!  I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF HOW THIS HAPPENED!  For freaking real?  It is now sitting in rice and Im praying it still works!

Second story, I was driving to town today switching through all my radio stations trying to find a song to sing with Kendyl.  Which then got me thinking, I need to bring my little  cds into here so I can sing songs I love!  I was looking and looking for where cds actually go in my car.  i was shocked that i didn't have one!  I called my mom and we were shocked and figured well, new cars are turning to Ipod docks etc.  Full on conversation!  I pull into my parking spot, go to get out and behold, there it is, I DO have a cd player in my car.  I felt so dumb calling her back to tell her.  I think she is worried about me, 3000 miles away, driving her grand daughter around.  I assure you she has been safe!

Maybe I just need a nap!

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