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Easton Archer

Easton Archer
September 8 2013
These past 9 months have flown by if i look back on it.  During, not so much.  Throwing up daily, heartburn, aches, tiredness, the whole 9 yards. Pregnancy is NOT for me. I am so glad it is over! It makes it all worth it though right?!
So Thursday September 5th I had my 39 week appointment. I was just ready to be done. Lets be honest, Kendyl was born already.  I had the Dr strip my membranes and I understand it either works or it doesnt within 24 hours.  I didn't even have as much as a single cramp after. I thought I would be pregnant forever! I was telling people I was going to give birth to a toddler. UGH!
Friday went by, Saturday went by, went to bed all ready for church the next day.  I was woken up at 4:30 am from a  mild contraction.  The next one came 10 minutes later....this went on about 4 or 5 times then I decided I had to pee. Then I couldn't sleep, so I was getting Kendyls church clothes all laid out when BAM a contraction hit me like a ton of brick. 2 minutes later...there was another one. Again and again i let this go on for about 10 minutes. I woke Jase up and told him I was going to take a bath to calm these down but that I thought it was time. I didn't evenget to dip my toes in the water before Jase said get ready were going from me screaming cause I hurt so bad. 
We threw what we could in the car, and drove Kendyl to the sweetest neighbors house ever, Tarah's! (I owe her beyond belief). We left our neighborhood at 6:33 and Jase was literally driving 100 mph. We called the hospital and said get the dr there now! The hospital is about 30 minutes away, without traffic and the awful long stoplights. How we didnt get stopped at a single light ill never know!
We got to the hospital and I was screaming to get me an epidural. The nurse checked me and said sorry, your a 9, no epidural for you! I broke down and started crying and telling them that I didn't even read about a non epidural birth and that I didn't know how.  It didn't convince them.
The nurse grabbed one of the doctors that was there to stand in the room until my Dr got there. All the while, nurses were drying the barely mopped floor, throwing things together and trying to get me not to push. (There is NO stopping the urge to push!).
My fabulous Dr came in and immediatly got to work.  Jase was busy fanning me because I was sweating like a crazy lady. All of a sudden at 7:30 on the dot our baby Easton was born!  ALL NATURAL BABY!! woo!  And to top it off, all that crazy pain was gone!  He was healthy as an ox.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 3oz and 20 inches long.  I actually got to hold him unlike Kendyl! 
He ended up having Jaundice so he had to go under the lights just like his big sister.  I handled it a lot better this time around.  We were released and all got to come home together!
 This is the amazing Dr. Tobia!  I am so glad he was my dr that delivered the little man.
 Kendyl was so excited to meet him.  She said ohhh he is so cute!  Then immediatly asked if I could play barbies now! (I guess I was a lousy barbie player the past couple weeks). She also picked him out a birthday cake, we sang happy birthday and ate ourselves happy!
 This is right after giving birth! Dont mind my nasty sweaty bed head hair!  :)
 Here he is!
Kendyl is such a proud and happy big sister.  She said he doesn't have to sleep on the porch anymore!  She also is convinced his name is Easton Figaro!? 

We are all adjusting to life with 4 at home.  Between the no sleep, constant feedings, bug still grasping potty training, deer hunt opener and shipping season, were learning!  Were So happy our MIMI could be here to help us out! thanks mom!

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