Friday, November 22, 2013

Disney Christmas party

Well, we FINALLY got to take Kendyl to Disney World.  We went to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! Im telling ya, this is the way to do Disney!  Plus you get all the free Hot Chocolate and cookies you want!  This year we got rained on the entire time.  Good thing it wasnt a down pour, just a steady rain.  Since we were at disney, the rain was magical, and i have never enjoyed getting rained on until this day!
Kendyl about died in excitement!  During the parade I thought her arm was going to fly off from her waving so hard at all the characters.  Her favorite ride was the carousel.  When we were getting off she turned and laughed and said, my horse just pooped!  (what the!?) 
She was a little scared of Belle at first but then warmed right up to her.  Our favorite was when she ran and gave Minnie the BIGGEST hug!  Seriously it could have been a commercial! 
We rode a few rides and met a few characters. We watched the parade, the castle light show then the fireworks.  I of course had to ride space mountain...solo!  It still makes me giggle.  I secretly think Jase had the time of his life, even though he wont admit it.  Easton was a trooper and just soaked it all in! 
We didn't even get to do everything we wanted to do.  I already cannot wait until we go back!  After all, we have to soak it all in while we live close! 
So here is our trip in pictures!
                                                        First arriving to the castle!
                                                    After Kendyl warmed up to Belle.  She was Chip in the play.
                                                     Jase was a guard.....he knows he loved it!
                                                   Kendyls magical minnie mouse moment
                                          I was star struck and a little teary eyed myself
                                             kendyl on the carousel...that is her horse that pooped.
                                                    Here was Easton being a trooper!
                                                 Castle Transformation

Us on Main Street.  AHHH we love Christmas

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  1. What a fun adventure! She looks like shes on cloud 9!