Monday, February 24, 2014

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2014

While I was pregnant with Easton I made the decision to run a half marathon.  I have always wanted to do one.  Plus I gained more then enough weight with him, I thought it would be great motivation to lose some LBS! I knew I ALWAYS wanted to run a Disney race. All the stars lined up because the race sold out rather quickly.  I found a way to buy into the race through a travel agency  ( ) (thanks Jim).  I rounded up my friend Cassie to do it with me and we did it. 
Everything that could go wrong while training did.  I already couldn't train until 3 months before the race because I was still recovering from Labor.  I caught cold after cold.  Then I got a stress fracture in my foot. UGH.  Then I have had some major pelvis/uterus pain.  Still need to go to the Dr.  Anyway, training was less than ideal and I was getting really worried.  I had heard about the "Balloon Ladies" and getting swept and not finishing.  To say I was nervous was a serious understatement.
The corral placements went to P and I got amazingly lucky and scored C.  For Real?  I was the 3rd leg to start the race!
We woke up at 1 AM to get going.  I had to pump, makeup, hair, get ready, eat and then it was an hour drive to Disney.  I thought I would be dead tired, but i wasnt.  I didn't even nap when I got home!
 Getting to the race wasnt bad at all.  We read everywhere that traffic was going to be awful.  I dont know if we got there early enough or what, but it wasnt even backed up.  There was a big party going on when we got there and it was so fun.  I have never seen so many port a potties in my life.  ha ha.  Of course it is Disney and you have to stand in lines, so we picked one and took this picture.

Everywhere you looked there was a Sea of people.  Over 25,000 runners!  To be honest, they make YOU feel so special, like it is YOUR big day.  Plus Disney is so used to tons of people that it didn't feel like there were that many there.  It sure showed in the energy and excitement though.

 The Fairy Godmother did her bibbidy boppidy boop to send us off...Not to mention the fireworks as well! 
 Here I am before the race!!
 See those spots in my pictures?  It was beyond humid. I almost cried when all my pictures were starting to do this.  My hair did not stay straight at all!
 Running through Magic Kingdom I think was my most favorite part.  I would dare say it was a favorite for most.  I either ran fast through it, or I wish it was longer through the park.  Running up mainstreet I could feel the magic of Disney.  Every emotion was right there.  THIS right here is why I chose to run this race.
 Magic happened more because I have never got a picture with them both at the same time.  More magic happened when the himidity cleared up and I got no spots in my picture.  I think I will frame this picture. It means so much to me.  Am I getting too sappy?  #sorrynotsorry!
 After Magic kingdom you came around to these handsome fellas.  One of them was in the middle of the road singing magical songs to the runners.  Seriously, is this real life?
 I loved the army guy.  He was so in character.  He kept yelling move move move and was very entertaining.
 They had trumpets playing at the castle.  they played the royalty entrance thing.  Seriously, still real life is going on here.
 Sophia was in Epcot.  I knew Kendyl would be so sad if she found out I didn't stop at her.  So here is ms Sophia the first.  (Ironically, were watching this show right now!)
 Running through Epcot was so fun.  I have never been there.  This ball was HUGE!  I never thought it was really this big.  It was also quick in this park too.
 THE FINISH LINE!!!  My time was 3:18  not bad for stopping at characters, and walking a little more then I wanted from the achillies flaring up.  This is not a race to want to PR in anyway.  It is all about the magic and nothing to do with time.  Just cross the finish line and that is ALL that matters.
 They then sprinkled you with magic fairy dust, because we are all PRINCESSES.
 They had row after row of these Medals. 
 I earned my medal through and through. When I crossed the finish line I started crying like a baby.  Never in my life have I done something so hard.  Never in my life have I wanted to accomplish something and I did it.  The Disney magic was amazing.  I hurt like crazy and all my emotions just flowed out. 
Then I finallly found Cinderella!  She was at the after party where everyone was taking pictures.  I wish I would have known that because I kept saying, I wont stop at this character because I want to wait for the princesses. 
There was woody, buzz, the Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White, Mary Poppins, the Genie etc.  I never did see Ariel, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. 
I would 100% recommend this and any other Disney race to ANYBODY.   They even have Diaper Dashes for the babies.  Disney magic is so real and it is the best.  I cannot wait until I can do another race.

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  1. Great race review! I know its only been about a week since the race, but it brought back great memories.