Saturday, March 1, 2014

Every once in a while....

I get the over whelming feeling of how blessed I am to have two great kids.   I sometimes get a great feeling of the luckiest mom that Kendyl was my little girl who made me a mom.  I must have done something right to get such a sweet, tender hearted, hilarious little girl.  She genuinely cares about anybody and everybody.  She is quick to find me a blanket if she thinks I may be cold.  She insists that I eat with her in our living room picnics.  She is always giving hugs and kisses.  She makes sure to tell Cinderellas mice not to eat me at night. 
The morning after the race, she had woke up pretty early.  She came in to snuggle, she watched the school kids get on the bus yelling for them to have fun at school. She was dancing, singing "let it go" from the top of her lungs and being a great little girl to let me rest a bit longer.  When I woke up from my in and out of consiousness there was something next to my face.  She had drawn the best picture of Olaf, with arms 3 x his size.  Next to Olaf she had set a nice pointy carrot. 
The imagination of this little girl is incredible.  She can transform from little mermaid, to cinderella, to Elsa in a matter of minutes and NAIL their characters. 
The other night she was eating grapes and making us eat ours as well.  Jase was on his third or fourth grape when Kendyl said, "Dad, dont eat too many, these will make you poop."
She tucks her baby doll into Eastons cradle.  She feeds her baby a bottle, changes her bum, swaddles her, puts her to bed with a little toy then literally tiptoes out of the room and whispers the rest of the night. 
I think the thing I love to watch most is how she loves her brother.  In the car she holds his hand.  She is first to want to feed him a bottle.  She checks on him while he is napping. She reads him books.  She is careful of who is "allowed" to hold him, or even comment about him.  I know she cannot wait for him to grow up and play.   

So sweet Kendyl, never forget how much We love you. Stay a little girl forever! 
ps, arent these pictures amazing by Renee Jacobsen Photography?  We love her and she did such an amazing job!

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