Friday, April 11, 2014

updates on us all

 Jase applied to get into the kingsville institute to get his masters degree.  We should be finding out any day now if he gets accepted or not.  If he does get in, this means ANOTHER move, this time to Texas.  I hear they have amazing mexican food there.  I also hear there is lots of crime since it is right by the border.  Although I am very excited, I am thinking these snakes in my garden are sounding quite harmless. 
I have been busy being a mom and a taxi.  Jase and I have been playing in a softball league in town on tuesday nights.  We play double headers and sometimes dont get home until way late.  People think we are nuts having a 3 yo and a 6 month baby out that late.  My age is getting to me and I have been so so so tired lately.  I think I need a giant nap.  Giant as in maybe an entire day.  Being a mom is rough but so rewarding.  Sometimes I dont even get breakfast myself until noon. 
Kendyl has been doing gymnastics on Wednesday mornings.  See that, after being up late tuesday night, we get up extra early to make it to gymnastics!  She LOVES it.  Although she is the slowest to walk across the balance beam, she makes sure to do everything the teacher says, exactly how she says.  She is the best helper with little Easton and sometimes thinks she is the mom herself.  She is FINALLY adventuring out and trying more foods.  Finally it isn't chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and fruit snacks all day long.  She even tried an avacado today, and asked for a banana!  I love her HUGE heart and she constantly makes me laugh. 
Easton, Easton, Easton....Stop Growing!  All in one week he got his first tooth, learned to crawl and went to the beach for the first time.  UGH!  We just entered the disaster zone where my mom says, "you need eyes in your butt and tennis shoes on!"  He rarely sleeps through the night and I am about sick of it.  If his smile wasnt so sweet and he didn't give perfect hugs, I would be a lot more mad.  Some nights I think he really does hate me though.  He adores his sister, bouncing and being outside. He loves the bath and playing with toys.  He still isn't the biggest fan of normal food, but he is getting around to it. 

 This picture above, I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Little Natalie is one of my very best friends little girl.  She was diagnosed with cancer a week after Easton was born and a week after her 6th birthday.  She is the Sweetest, smartest and most beautiful little girls ever.  To the left is her very very sweet little sister Evelyn, who shaved her head so that Natalie wasn't the only little girl without hair.  Get ready for it, the girl to my left, is their mom!  She shaved too!!!  Isn't she stunning!?  This family is so so so sweet and I hold them so very close to my heart!  Arent they just perfect!? 

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