Thursday, June 19, 2014

Farewell Grams

I had just got home from an activity at the church where I got pied in the face.  I received a phone call and my grandmas cell # popped up.  I excitedly said hello expecting grams to say HIIII, until i heard an unfamiliar voice. 
"Tayler....this is your dad" 
My heart sank.  I cant tell you a time he has ever called me.  I knew something was wrong.  Why would he call me with good news?
Grandma quickly passed away later that Wednesday night from a massive stroke.  She got one last lunch date with gramps, and it was her favorite, Mexican food.  I broke down and cried so hard.  I couldn't sleep, let alone eat. 
As devastated and emotional as I was, I flew across the USA solo with Bug and busy busy 8 month old E.  People thought I was crazy, and quite frankly, I, myself thought I was nuts.  I couldn't have asked for more well behaved kids.  Prayers were answered during my flights. 
I got to go with my Aunt Nancy to the funeral home and prepare grandmas body.  We dressed her in her temple clothes.  VERY descreetly painted her finger nails, did her hair and makeup and became the biggest perfectionists I never knew I had in me.  The experience was so special to me.
The next day at the funeral, I knew I needed pictures. 
I am still quite a beginner...but I am having so much fun learning with my camera!

Even though Im so sad to see grams go, I am so happy it was a perfect time of year at the cemetary.  It was just after memorial day, and she loved the beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE.  The day couldnt be more perfect, for a wonderful lady!
And for the record, the lighting in a funeral home is a photographers nightmare! 
Until we meet again....

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