Thursday, January 31, 2013


Merry Christmas!  I'm glad this is all coming at the end of Jan!  Better late than never right?  Again, we cannot say it enough, Florida is BEAUTIFUL!  This Christmas season was everything I ever dreamed of.  No snow, wearing t shirts, Disney, and getting spoiled.  We did however miss our family and friends ever so much. 
A little overview.  Jessica  Bird my BFF came to visit and we kicked off the Christmas season by celebrating with Mickey!  No lie, one of the top 5 favorite times of my life.  We got to go in "after hours" where there were no lines, characters, free cookies and cocoa, and it even snowed on Main Street.  We got home at about 2 am to turn around and take Bird to the airport at like 5 ish in the morning.  Again, so worth it! 
We then had so many parties.  The Relief Society Christmas Dinner, the ever famous Ranch Party and the Ward Christmas party, then our friends Christmas party!  We were busy.  The Ranch party was so much fun.  We literally ate like ten steaks.  I totally lie, but between Kate and I, we had like 3 plates of food.  This is the night Kendyl got to meet Santa.  I think she liked him, what do you think?  That face was a blood curdling scream that literally was heard for miles!
 My pictures are in a very very random order and Im not fixing them right now, so sorry!
Jase finally had his dream come true on I think new years eve eve?  He got me to go deer hunting with him.  Not gonna lie, I spotted this buck, told him to shoot and he was ever so happy.  He however will think twice to ever take me in a deer stand to sit quietly for hours.  That was pretty boring!  Im proud of his deer tho, so Good job Jase!
 This next pic is of course of the Mickeys very Merry Christmas Party.  We got to meet Ariel and we were star struck.  Go figure, were 23 and 25 years old!  We stuffed ourselves on the best funnel cake and a giant coke!  Im literally counting down the days til next year!
 This next pic is of me and my buggy..... its a picture of a picture, sorry for the glare!  just have to show off my December tan! 
 So, since Jase was working on the calving unit he got to meet all the babies first hand.  Its my favorite time of year.  Friends, meet sunny, a blind calf that Kendyl named.  She was so sweet. 
 Next comes our first ever Christmas tree.  jase requested a real tree for the smell...gotta be honest, didn't smell it once.  It was still fun though. Kendyl got to decorate most of it.  Then she got 2 special ornaments this year.  She got a Minnie Mouse and a Sea World Whale.  Speaking of whales.  She is always looking at size and names them baby, mommy and daddy.  Well she knows was a baby and a momma dolphin are...and a daddy dolphin is a whale my friends.  She claims she dreams about them every night.  I'm so happy my parents got us a Sea World pass for the year.  We will be spending much time there!
 Here are all our gifts, spoiled as can be.  But poor Jase just got that gun and his boots.  He has expensive taste.  I also learned if I don't ask for anything all I will get is cash.  I spent it on an Ipad and a treadmill.
 Kendyl got so spoiled with Minnie Mouse stuff.  This little outfit is from her Uncle Trevor.  She loves it.
 Here she is with her minnie toys, minnie hat, minnie watch, minnie dress, minnie bath toys and minnie slippers...... oh minnie! 
We hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas this year.  We sure did!  Thank you to everyone who sent gifts, cards texts and calls!  We loved them so so so much! 

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