Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little November

We are LOVING living in Florida.  Not to brag, but it was 82 degrees the other day!  November was such a fun month and FLEW by!  Kendyl turned the big 2! I cannot believe she is 2 already.  She is so full of sass and spazz and is so smart.  She loves all her new friends down on the ranch.  She loves to sing songs, dance, count, make funny faces, eat only hot dogs, play in her new kitchen, anything Minnie Mouse, and make us laugh all day long. 
We also had Jases parents come to visit for a few days, and had my BF Jessica come and visit as well.  I got food poisoning, and a cold twice, and had the Relief Society Christmas Dinner.  Thanks to my amazing counselors, I hardly did a thing and they did such an amazing job!
Here are a few pics of the month...
 Kendyl LOVES her new swing she got for her birthday!  We cannnot keep her off of it!
 While Jases parents were here we went on an Airboat ride!  Not gonna lie, I was super sick, but Jase said I can either be sick in bed or sick looking at nature, so here I am, pain and all!
 We went to Cocoa Beach and got to pick up some seashells.  Kendyl LOVES seashells!
 For Christmas my mom got us Sea World season passes!  Best gift ever!  We even got them early so we could go while Jases parents were here.....Im going to LOVE this year!
 Here we are in front of the fun sign!...
 We even got to feed the dolphins!  Ah seriously, I want one as a pet!  I will hands down build a tank myself
 ok this picture i can't help but share.  Please don't mind my nasty face ,but lets be honest, that Giraffe is totally Hamming it up for the camera.  BEST picture I took all day at the zoo, which we also got season passes to!
 These are just a few pics of kendyls birthday.  I had to get a few glam shots in her new outfits right!?
 Here are some faces she pulls while I try and take her picture!  She is hilarious and we love her!
 She got a fun little Minnie Mouse play set thing for her Birthday from gma and gpa Taylor...
 My mom got her a kitchen!  She loves it to the max!  She is always cooking up something yummy!
 We made her a cake and she LOVED the sprinkles!  Who knew?
But she also loved the cake as wel!

I have alot of catching up to do and I will get around to it I promise!  Just know we are loving living here! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :) 


  1. Looks like you guys are living the life!! Super cute pics!

  2. Oh Tay! I just love reading your blog and catching up with you. My favorite are the pics of all of kendly bugs faces. She has so much personality. I love and miss you both! Can't wait to see you!

  3. I want to live in Florida SOOO bad! Ah, the weather looks perfect, and there is so much to do there! How fun you get to go to Sea World whenever you want! LUCKY! Kendyl is getting so big, oh my goodness, I cant believe it, what a cute cute girl!