Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She is Growing So big!

First off this picture is August Brielle Romney! My bff Shae and Chris had her on June 10th so she is EXACTLY 7 months apart from Kendyl. She is So cute and SO tiny! Congrats you two!

Now on to Kendyl, 7 months already and already a sassy girl! She cannot get enough of her toes. If her toes are showing, they're are up in the air or in her mouth. She also has officially learned how to sit. She LOVES to pull on all my necklaces and earrings. She shakes her head no really fast now. She loves to spit. She rolls her wrists and ankles in cirlces all day long. (Hopefully she will have strong ankles so she doesn't break them like I did!) She sleeps through the night if she wants to. Other nights its her "play time". Her laugh still melts my heart. She can stand pretty well with support from us. She still wont roll from her back to her stomach. Although I wish she would, This makes changing her and laying her on the bed a breeze. She gets so angry if you take her toy away. Last night we went to ice cream and forgot a toy and she loves to hold paper so we let her until she started chewing on it, we took it away and she freaked! We had to dip our fingers in ice cream and let her suck on them to keep her quiet!
Today when I got home from work I hadn't gone and said hi to her yet. She could see me and she was squeeling like "hey did u forget about me!, Im over here!" So cute and So fun to come home to this little monkey!


  1. omg you have the cutest baby girl in the whole world! And I just love her outfit! ANd you look GOOD!

  2. Hey thats my shirt!!! ;) Cute Fam!! Love you guys!