Monday, June 13, 2011

10k down, half to go!

My Yellowstone Bear World Friends, Amanda, Me, Julie and Amber

Alright! So this was my first race EVER! It was the funnest thing I have ever done. A few girls from Bear World and I signed up and was SO excited to Run! We just did the 10k cause a few of us are just beginners in the running field.
I was SO nervous I made myself sick. I kept saying before that I was going to throw up. We started and it was amazing all the energy that was there and the feeling of 250 of us running all together!
I wasn't expecting many hills and just tiny hills if any. Next time I think I will scope out the course because from miles 1.5-4 were straight up hill. Not just a slight hill, like Antelope dip hill.
I struggled on the hills. My goal was to finish in 1 hour but once the hills caught up with me I thought o boy I am so out of shape lets shoot for hour and a half! (Plus i have MEGA shin splints that i can't even rub lotion on without them killing!)
we got to mile 3ish and there was a water stop and grab an orange slice. The water was NASTY! so I grabbed an orange slice to moisten my mouth. Bad idea! It made me So sick.
So anyway I finally finished! WOO! It was so fun to see all the people at each intersection cheering for me! There were so many volunteer missionaries and they were hilarious to run past. Jase caught me on the last stretch before the finish line and caught a few pics.
I finished in 1 hour 9 min (not as good as i originally wanted but I am still happy!)
and I got 99/250 (still not great but hey i was in top 100! woo

Here are some pics I will explain underneath each pic.!

Jase Kendyl and I after I finished! She didn't know what was going on but sure wanted my water bottle!

Jase barely missed me finishing cause he was getting Kendyl out of her seat.... but this pic was right after I finished

Here i am passing 2 runners! WOO

Running some more!

But seriously, if you have ever wanted to run a race and was always nervous, DO IT! I am in LOVE with them and they aren't scary! There is so much energy and excitement I promise you will finish!

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