Monday, November 14, 2011

were back!

We are moved across the street from this until The very end of December! I would take this over.....

This ANY DAY! This road below is Kansas. This is what we had to look at for 30 miles to the nearest ANYTHING! So here is our review of Kansas.

Kansas was flat and very desolate. We honestly didn't have anything living between us and 30 miles away except a few thousand cows and millions of dead corn stocks. When we made it to town (Garden City) it was made up of about 95% hispanics. This made for one good thing, an amazing mexican restaurant. The other 5% were modern day amish called the menonites. They also had a pretty good restaurant.

Our house was tucked in down a mile dirt road and surrounded by trees. It used to be an old cabin on a mini lake. The lake is totally dried up and the cabin is turned into a house. We had no grass and just dirt, dead trees, and half the population of flies. Everyday I would kill about 20 and Jase would come home and kill about 20 inside our house. That makes for an annoyance when they are buzzing ALL around us and on every piece of food we try to eat. Our house thankfully had satelite tv, but unfortunatley it had the worst phone service and no internet. We learned a lot from disney channel, The doctors, Ellen and E. We watched Kim Kardashian get married, AND divorced all from our humble abode.

Im sure people love Kansas. For me, its not my type of place I would ever want to even visit again. We are so thankful for the opportunity to go there, especially at what was going on in our lives. At the same time, were beyond thankful to be moved to utah and living across from temple square. Here is my chance for big city living!


  1. Yay your back! Crazy you lived 30 miles away from anything! Pretty picture though of the fields and dirt road. Places like that are nice to visit for oh maybe a week and that's all :)

  2. Tayler! So are you in the 3 bedroom at Brigham Apartments? If so, I desperately need to talk to you and find out how the apartment is stocked (like is there a broom, a vacuum, a hamper, an ironing board, etc. or do I need to bring all that). Let me know if that's where you are and you'll make my packing life a whole lot easier! We are scheduled to arrive on Jan. 4th :) Can't wait to meet Kendyl!