Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I spent a week with who!?


So at the ranch we have lots of special opportunities! Jases mom and I cook for the hunters and the guides during the hunts. This past week we had a special group come in. They were the sponsored hunters from Under Armour, young Blood AND we had a very special guest.... Craig Morgan. I say his name and nobody really knows who he is, well let me tell you!
He sings: That's what I love about Sunday, Almost Home, Redneck yacht Club!
We had so much fun with him. He is such a gentleman and called me mam all the time. For breakfast he doesn't eat a thing, besides 4-7 cups of coffee with "Creme Brulee" coffee mate. He has never in his life tried Salt Water taffy. Well this trip he tried it and single handily ate about 3 lbs. So we sent him home with his own 4 lb bag. I got to do his laundry and as pay he owes me a signed CD and his newest CD that is about to be cut. We were supposed to take pictures with him BUT he spent too long hunting and had to hurry and catch his plane. I don't even think he peed before he left.
So how does it feel spending a week with a celebrity? Honestly it felt kinda weird. My entire life I always have LOVED country music. I have always been so star struck. Here was my chance and I was so shy. Kendyl on the other hand was not. She stole his heart. He would walk in from hunting and instead of going to change he would go straight to Kendyl and play. Anyway, we hope we get him back next year and maybe I wont be as shy!