Thursday, August 11, 2011

9 months old!

I will have to post a picture later this afternoon. I just thought I would write all these down so that I don't forget because I am so not mother of the year in having exact dates and everything.
On Wednesday (yesterday) Kendyl turned 9 months old! She has grown up so stinkin fast it is not even funny. Here are a few things that she can do!
- She can roll around the room, back and forth.
-She can say mom mom mom, dad dad dad, doggie and duck.
-She just barely learned to waved bye or hi... she loves that she can move her arms and get reactions.
-She gives the best hugs and tries to give kisses, BIG open mouth kisses.
-She (i can now say) finally loves to go swimming.
- She loves to finger paint with her food like peas, green bean, sweet potatoes and carrots.
-She GAGS at peas. She absolutely hates them.
-She has one tooth with another one starting to poke through on the bottom.
-She loves doggies and any animals on tv.
-She is the funniest little thing ever!
-She still loves her feet, her puffs and pieces of bread.
-She loves to gurgle her spit, milk, juice or water.
Im so sure I could make this post forever long with everything she knows and what we love about her. All i can say is its about that time I need eyes in the back of my head and tennis shoes on!
Happy 9 months monkey toad!

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