Monday, July 9, 2012

Housing/ the 4th

Well we made it to Florida!  This was our 13th move and Kendyls 10th!  Good thing were here to stay for a bit!  We arrived during Tropical Storm Debby, and boy did it rain.  We got about 20 inches in like 2 days!  I didn't think it would ever dry up, but it did, and we are still wanting some more!

 Kendyl before her first ever airplane ride!  We let her have her binkie back to help her with her ears.  I get the worst ear aches.  She was a champ!  Jase had her pretty much all of the plane time.  He laid out the trays in from of him and she laid across those like a superstar and slept so well.  Us, well, it took us a while to catch up on our sleep.  We were so happy to finally land and have Paul pick us up!  He is great! 
 Our new favorite thing to do is go large mouth Bass fishing.  Until an unexpected gator shows up 5 feet in front of us like its his territory.  This has happened twice.  I think we need to find a new fishing spot! 
 Here is Kendyl again with smelling a flower! She thinks they are so pretty.  Even when she sees them in a book she still tries to smell them. 
 We worked so hard cleaning and unpacking, this is Kendyl taking a nap and break from it all.  Its sweet and all, but this was at 9:30 in the morning!  That is 2 hours early!

Anyway we had our first holiday here, the 4th of July! I was talking to my friend Jessica about what they do for fun in Florida for the 4th and how I didn't think it would be as fun as Utah.  She said "why cauase were confederates!?"  ha ha i didn't even know what a confederate is!  I then explained no, cause the state is full of retired people and they aren't big into parties! ha ha anyway I then learned the ranch throws one heck of a party and we had a blast! 
 Here is kendyls 4th of July outfit!  idk why her hair looks red?  but its still pretty blonde!
 top left:  Her drinking my diet coke.  I don't frink diet coke, but that day i did.  Top right: her and Dad! bottom left: Kendyl and me bottom right: just her!
Then a couple months ago Kendyl was in a photoshoot for the CUTEST boutique!  This was one of her outfits she got to wear.  More on that later!  but to check out the boutique


  1. Looks like you've settled right in! It looks like fun, I want to come visit!

  2. I've always wanted to live in a blue house! I am SOOOO jealous you get to live in so many fun places, Florida being most jealous, such fun adventures to come for you guys! Kendyl really is so cute!