Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What we have been up to

We haven't posted much about what we have been up to lately. So here is a quick catch me up if anybody is wondering.
I started work again over at Yellowstone Bear World in the gift shop.
Jase started school again taking many business and finance classes. He gets one Advanced Reproduction class. He has one class at a Dairy farm. Yay for me, I again get to scrub his clothes and get that Dairy stench out of them again.
Kendyl is growing like a weed. In just a few weeks she will be 6 months old. We started her on rice cereal and she still doesn't know what to think. She hates being fed with a spoon. She wont nap when we so badly want her to. She is however so good at staying quiet in bed in the mornings patiently waiting for us to wake up and feed her. She has also learned to squeel so loud. She loves her "Johnny Jumper' and literally cries until we put her in it. She still hates tummy time with a passion. She loves to put her fingers in our mouth and make us blow on them. And she loves a "yelly on the belly" as Jase would call it. (we just yell onto her belly and she just laughs so much).
Rexburg is still so bitter cold. In fact it is snowing as we speak. There is still nothing fun to do because it is SO cold and the wind is just SO bad and chilling. I really can't wait to leave this place. Rexburg is just not my favorite city.
Well thats all for now, 3 more months of this.... countdown is on!

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  1. oh I miss you! Can't believe the little doll is 6 months!!! Stinks rexburg is still cold. Wish I could send of my heat up there! Oh and I'm getting some really good ideas for my classes when I come back! So when you get back I'll be kicking you butt!!